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    2016 6th Annual NC Spring Rally

    So out of curiosity, is there a time/location for the food on Saturday evening?
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    2016 6th Annual NC Spring Rally

    Hey all! I will be bringing *probably* buffalo chicken dip and probably some other type of dipping type munchie. Looks like we are going to try to head down Thursday after work, which will put us there between 8 and 9. I will have my deviant flamingoes put out and also our "Caution, Adult...
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    2016 6th Annual NC Spring Rally

    Just booked site #27. It will be me (Pam) and my husband John and our dog Chloe. We are excited. I had no idea that this campground even existed! We stayed at Fishers Landing last year and very much enjoyed it. We have kayaks so you may not see a whole lot of us over the weekend but we are...
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    2016 6th Annual NC Spring Rally

    Planning on making reservations tonight when I get home. Used to go to rallies when we lived up in Ohio but have yet to get to one here (last year we were in Ohio when it was planned). SqueaknPenny, is Festival of Legends the one that is being held in Apex this year? We live like 10 minutes...
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    The 2015 5th Annual NC Spring Rally

    That is only 30 minutes from us however we are going to be in Erie,PA that weekend for our son's graduation. :(
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    2014 4th Annual NC Spring Rally-May 16th-18th, 2014

    Hey, Just came across this looking for Rallies in the NC/Raleigh region. We used to be part of the Ohio Rally gang but moved south last summer. We are finally settled in and out camping again and would love to meet others that enjoy camping as much as we do. Has there been any head way on...
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    Just a follow up for anyone who might find this in the future. We ended up on site 9 which I think was one of the nicer electric sites out of the bunch. The only down side was that the path to the bathroom was right in front of our site which meant we had lots of people/kids who wanted to...
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    East Harbor State Park

    Taking a set up to the islands is not cheap. PIB is over $100 round trip. Miller to PIB Kelley's Island Ferry does not list prices for trailers, but it was $68 round trip for us and the truck. [url=]Kelley's Ferry[url] PIB is next to impossible to...
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    I want to camp oceanfront, campground suggestions please...

    Camping on the Gulf in Destin. Rates are ridiculous ($169 a nite) but they have sites right on the sand. There are a few campgrounds that are in Navarre that have sites on the inner-coastal...not the ocean but very close. Out of the few there I like Navarre Beach ($69 a nite beach front)...
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    OH-SP's please help the newbie

    We have been to quite a few, many already mentioned. Let me add a few: Pymatuning State Park sits right on Pymatuning Reservoir. Huge campground and lots of fishing. You can rent a pontoon boat just down the street for not too much (at least in my eyes). Mosquito Lake, again lots of fishing...
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    Was not trying to offend you. I forget that on this forum I am "new". I have been on for at least 7 years now but we just recently downsized into a popup and they really do not have a big pup following over there. I do know most of the map tricks and I try to find pictures of campsites...
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    The aerial images for this park have not been updated lately. There is barely resolution at 100ft/inch and pretty much all you can see is trees. Trust me, these are the things I typically do prior to asking questions or making a reservation.
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    Let me clarify....I know that sites 1-16 are electric. In my memory of the park I cannot recall how specifically they are located. I think that the even numbers are up against a hill but I cannot remember if the odd numbers back up into a field or if they are wooded. I cannot remember if...
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    We hit the Finger Lakes at least once per year and have been trying to hit a different state park each time. We have stayed at Watkins Glen, Fillmore Glen, Sampson and Cayuga. We decided on Taughannock this year (we are also trying to stay somewhat close to Syracuse to visit family). We are...
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    Allegany Nation forest any sugestions?

    That area is HUGE! We have stayed in both Oil City and up by Warren. Last trip was to Oil Creek Family Campground. I am the review on rvparkreviews from July 2010. We were there with our motorhome and really liked the campground. As you can see, the last reviewer did not, but I was not...
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    I am bumping this as we are planning our annual trip and have decided on this campground. We have driven through it in the past but cannot recall a lot about it. Looking at the electric sites which are 1-16. I thought the even sites were kind of carved into the hill but I really cannot...
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    Anyone from Ohio

    SE Cleveland here (just saw another in my neighboring town). We camp all over the state.