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    Awning Bag stitching failing - what to do?

    Thanks, all - some solid advice here - I am going to give the speedy stitcher a try, and see how it goes! :)
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    Awning Bag stitching failing - what to do?

    I have a popup with an 8' Trim Line awning. The awning fabric is fine, but the stitching on the bag is failing where it holds the zipper in. It is the thread, not necessarily the fabric - the thread is disintegrating, and so the zipper is coming apart from the fabric of the bag. So I have 2...
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    89 Starcraft Furnace

    Hi - I have a similar problem - did you manage to figure out what is wrong with yours? Thanks! -randy
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    Water Pump Q / Problem

    I have a 99 starcraft, and the water pump quit working (it might have run out of water first - not sure, but it won't prime even with water in the tank now). I removed the inlet hose and put my finger over the hole on the pump - I can't feel any suction there - should I be able to? If I can't...
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    Converter Output

    I don't see a switch anywhere - do you know where to look?
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    Converter Output

    Should the converter put enough juice out when plugged in to shore power to run lights, etc if there are no batteries hooked up? I am having issues w/ it keeping my batts charged, and unhooked them to test it - the light by the door came on, but barely. I have a 99 Starcraft Spacemaster, but...
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    Need fold down hanger bar

    Hi - I am looking for a fold down hanger bar like what came with my Starcraft Spacemaster. I currently hang a shoe storage rack from the one that came with it, but would like to mount another one to hand another rack from. Does anyone know where to get these? Also, any tips on mounting the...