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    Brake controller mount

    The velcro tabs that are used to hold an I-Pass or EZ Pass in place can be sourced for free. Here in IL, the local Jewel-Osco sells the transponders, but they also hand out the velcro strips for free. We bought a new car, and needed to mount the I-Pass. So, the gal at the Customer Service desk...
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    The 48th Chicago RV & Camping Show - 2016

    Go to the 'Coupons' section on their home page. If you're a Senior Rate there's a coupon for $4 off. Also, to avoid the expensive parking garage, you can park at the CTA Blue Line lot for $5 all day. It's a short 15 minute walk to the convention center. WL
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    Hello from Chicago, IL

    Welcome from the NW 'Burbs. WL
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    no water

    We never use our sink - but we do have the poly cutting board insert that we keep in place. It adds to the counter space. We do all dish washing etc., outdoors in plastic wash tubs. In fact, we don't even fill the water tanks - we dry camp. WL
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    Scratches in your interior wood, how to you treat/fix them?

    Yea, the blend fill pencils work great. They do come in a variety of colors and I'm sure there is something out there that will do a good job of matching what you've got. The blend/fill pencils are a much better alternative to either repainting the interior or adding new veneer/contact paper...
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    Dual tank mount for LP tank and 5 gallon bucket? Will it work?

    We have dual LP tanks, but each is held in place individually by the 'J' hooks and wing nuts. WL
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    New member from the Chicago Suburbs

    Welcome from the NW 'Burbs. WL
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    Level first and crank vs. Crank then level - Coleman Bayside Elite

    Agree with Swordfish - the stabilizers are just that - they are NOT used to level the camper. First, level via blocks, wood, BAL etc. Second, raise the roof and pull out bunk ends. Lastly, lower the stabilizers. Reverse the process when taking down. WL
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    Ceramic heater question

    As others have said, the ceramic heater is a great addition to the PUP when you have an electrical site. Also, it's not as noisy as the furnace, and as previously noted, you save on propane when using the ceramic heater. We have a Lasko brand that we bought at a big box home improvement store...
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    2 mysteries in one...

    We too have an '07 Sun Valley. Agree with Hawkester - the drawer does in fact open. You have to lift up on it before pulling it out. It's meant to stay in place so that it doesn't open up during travel and all the contents spill out. Yes, the 'headphone jack' accommodates the RCA plug in the...
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    What is the trick for lighting the gas for frig on Coleman Utah?

    First, you need to ensure that the system is full of propane. After you open the valve at your propane tank, you need to turn on your stove and light the burners - it may take 30 seconds or so for the propane to reach the stove. Once the stove has been lit, the gas system is now filled. Now...
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    RvQue alternative ?

    I don't know what you guys are talking about, but we have an RVQ and it works just fine, thank you. Not only does it get plenty hot for cooking, it boils water, too. The only thing I can think of is hi vs. low pressure regulator or the like. We haven't made any modifications to our PUP's...
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    Not Sure if I Sould Flip the Axel or Change Hitch

    The bumper hitch ball is only good for casual infrequent towing of a lightweight trailer + cargo around town. Maybe to haul a lightweight trailer with a few sheets of drywall from Home Depot. WL
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    2007 Fleetwood Sun Valey...

    We have a 2007 Sun Valley. It is labeled (decals and the like) as a Fleetwood. As others have said, the same location in Somerset PA was used to manufacture the Coleman and Fleetwood brands. Our owner's manual touts the 40 year anniversary of the factory making camping trailers. As far as...
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    Need flexible cord to tie down tent ends

    As above, any hardware store should carry it - even big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. If you don't have one nearby, then a sewing craft place, like Jo Ann's, should have it. WL
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    Coleman Yukon - fire extinguisher and the door

    We have a Fleetwood/Coleman Sun Valley. When installing the one-piece door, if you're not careful, you can bang/chip the cabinets, door knobs and anything else that may be in the way, i.e., fire extinguisher. As others have said, you just need to come in from the proper angle above in order to...
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    A bat in the pup

    Where were you camping? We had our first camping bat incident last week while camping at Kohler-Andrae SP near Sheboygan. Our bat was a little thing that the DW found during the day hanging from under a bunkend. The camp host was passing by, DW flagged him don and he 'took care of it'. WL
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    Battery Box?

    There should be no problem with water running over the battery. After all, rain water and the like enters your car's engine compartment and gets on the car's battery, doesn't it? As others have said, the box is supposed to be vented. If you're concerned that you'll get too much water in the...
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    2007 Fleetwood Sun Valley

    We have an 07 Sun Valley which we purchased new. No issues at all with roof leaks. We bought this particular model as we liked the floor plan. Go ahead, buy it and enjoy. WL
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    LP Tank Covers & Spare Tire Cover

    Our Fleetwood came with a plain black propane tank cover - no logo. When we added a second propane tank, we looked around for tank covers. But, most were white and fairly expensive. My wife looked at the existing cover, and using it as a template sewed up a suitable 'as good as factory' tank...