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    Break away switch

    My boat trailer has surge brakes and a break away lever n cable, my car trailer has electric brakes and a break away switch n cable with a battery… my popup has electric brakes but, no break away switch? Is it supposed to have one?? being such a light vehicle, electric brakes seem kind of...
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    First trip

    I’m taking my first trip in the popup next weekend… I’m used to class a coaches… while new ballgame for me in a pup… I think I have everything fixed and ready to go… does anyone have any tips or tricks for first timers? Anything specific I shld bring?
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    Mattress replacement

    My camper was stripped of all soft goods when I got it… no cushions, mattresses, dinette seats, curtains, nothing… My question: Are air mattresses a good choice for a pop up? I can do upholstery no problem but, the cost of the foam is crazy… has anyone used air mattresses as a replacement...
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    Contact paper sucks

    Bit of a rant… My grandmother and my great uncle had every cabinet and drawer wrapped in contact paper… been restoring and old camper and the icebox has awful wood looking paneling on it… I bought a roll of cantact paper thinking I could make the fake wood look better… 9’ for 4$, that stuff is a...
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    15-30 amp conversation

    I’m restoring an 85 Viking… planning to add an onboard pump but, looking into a small instant water heater… with my one 10a 12v circuit and 2 120v outlets, I’m going to have to upgrade my converter but, adding that instant heater will bring me above 15 Amps… what would be involved converting to...
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    A Lot of Work

    Finally got to start tearing into it today… the roof isn’t in bad shape however the front, back and side panels of the roof need to be rebuilt… got those off to start patterns and it started to rain… gotta love pa rain, clouds, sun, rain… never ending cycle… covered it up and worked on hardware…...
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    I need help with a color

    Im in the process of repairing and remodeling mine… I cant decide on a color scheme… the canvas is tan and the exterior is being repainted the same off white color with reproduction brown decals 1. Navy blue cushions, grey cabinets, grayish wood wood look floor, stainless look counter tops and...
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    First pop up

    I finally got to pick it up today… my first pop up… I’ve had class a motorhome before but never a pop up… figured it more practical for just me… it’s a 1985 Viking spirit 1600… does need some work… exterior is in decent condition, the upper part of the roof is rotted that would be too bad to...
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    New here

    Hello everyone! I’m Matt, I’m from north central pa… I owned motor homes before but just picked up my first pop up… I know nothing about pop ups nor even how to open it… 1985 Viking spirit… exterior looks good and picked it up on the spot…