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    Foam Block

    I purchased the Fleetwood/Coleman roof rack system for my Fleetwood Highlander. Well didn't take long but someone decided to steal the 2 foam blocks that came with it to provide support to the middle of the rack. Can anyone suggest a replacement?
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    Outdoor Shower Removal?

    Tried searching and did not find anything. Has anyone removed there outdoor shower and changed it to something different? Perhaps an access door for storage?
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    2008 Fleetwood Saratoga

    Been a member for a while so thought it might be time to share a picture.
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    Grey/Black Water Tote Tow Speed

    What speed do you tow your grey/black water tote?
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    Manatoulin Island

    I am planning a trip to Manitoulin Island this summer. If anyone hes been there can you recommend a nice campground?
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    Camping in Nova Scotia

    In July we are planning on going to Nova Scotia for 2 weeks. I have been online looking at campsites but I am having a hard time deciding on some parks. I was hoping to get some advice from this board on campsites. We plan to spend one week on Cape Breton island and one week somewher not to far...