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    Painting your PUP

    Hey all; I've seen quite a few posts concerning painting your PUP's. As soon as I replace my lift cables this weekend, Painting the Interior,Exterior & frame is next up on my extensive list. Can you please let me know the best method of achieving a good result? (I.e - paints, primers etc...)...
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    Just one picture of the progress so far:

    Wow - Your camper looks like what mine is only dreaming of looking like. Can you let me know where you're getting diamond plate? That's a great idea. b Edited by - bobcap on May 12 2008 17:31:23
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    Which GPS to buy?

    I just got the TomTom ONE XL on QVC with a nice bundle of stuff for $200 - it's a fantastic unit and has a 4.3" Screen
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    Cable corrosion; replaced cables

    Check with Kim at Cathey's RV. She got me what I needed for my 83 Starcraft
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    PROBLEMS !!!!!!

    Definitely don't give. I am in the same shape you're in. I got my pup for $400 and was all set to start the remodel when snap, snap & snap - three cables busted. I am waiting for my last shipment of lift cables and I am going to jump into my upgrades. Show your pup who's the boss!
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    Cable corrosion; replaced cables

    Yep - as soon as the final shipment of my cables arrive, I will get to have the same fun you had. Can't wait to scrape my knuckles too. (NOT!) I will take detailed pics of the install to post when completed
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    83 Starcraft Restore Project

    I haven't posted in awhile since I have been traveling on business quite a bit, but I am taking Denise's suggestion and ordering my cables from the manufacturer (Starcraft) - Actually, I have been working with directly with Kim at Cathey's to get the right stuff. She is incredibly awesome to...
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    83 Starcraft Restore Project

    UPDATE: The third cable snapped this morning and I decided to disengage the fourth lift cable and replace them all. I also need to get the roof down and that was the only thing I could think of doing. Ain't this fun? In any case I found a good reference link that helps. I also enlisted my...
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    83 Starcraft Restore Project

    So, here's an update to my restore work. This afternoon I decided to pop up my popup. The weather is really nice right now and I am getting antsy to get started, after all the fishing bug is biting me. Lo and behold, as I am cranking this baby up, SNAP, SNAP and there goes the two rear lift...
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    1984 Jayco J 1008 SG

    Hi I recently bought a used PU and found out way later that I was missing the door. I searched all over until I found one that was close to the size that I needed. After I purchased the door and had it shipped to me, the guy I bought the PU contacted me to let me know he had the orignal door...
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    83 Starcraft Restore Project

    Hi all; I recently bought an 83 Starcraft Aerostar PU for $400. First of all, I don't know if thats a good deal or not, but it seemed pretty reasonable to me. I have never owned a PU before, but I thought it would be fun to restore this unit and use it a few times a year on my local fishing...