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    Made the jump!

    Well we made the jump to the dark side! Still in shock from the decision a bit lol. I've got a few things to figure out. We pretty much got everything we were looking for. Its an R-Pod 177 here is a general manufacture pic of the web below. I've still got a few things to figure out with it...
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    Roof re seal advice

    Hey all, just wanted to get some advice. I noticed last trip my camper roof seals were starting to look pretty dried out. I was thinking it might be time to get ahead of this and scrape off the old seal and apply new before it starts leaking. Any suggestions on a good sealant to use for this...
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    NEW Tow Vehicle

    Well we got tired of the 04 Dodge Ram we bought to use as a TV/ family vehicle. It became a danger to operate as it would die without warning unexpectedly and was totally unpredictable when it would happen. Would go months then all the sudden happen a couple times. Weird thing it never threw...
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    Thanks to popupportal community!

    I just wanted to throw a thank you out to this community! My life is quite busy and most of the time when I have an issue with my pup (right before a trip usually) I can find the answer on here! I want to return the favor but between family, work, and school full time it hasn't gone well lol...
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    New pup!

    Well after looking at several pups we finally went with one. A 1999 Viking. It's in excellent condition. Hardly used. I'm working on getting it ready for use now. Tires look good with some super small cracks in them, I'm trying to decide to replace them or not. I probably will for peace of...