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    Made the jump!

    Right on the money there lol, we like to high northern SC/ NC which is an awesome place to camp lol!
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    R pod by forest river

    Yeah we know 1 kid max with ours (no bunk) table folds down into the second bed and we have a permanent queen bed on the other side. With 2 dogs we would be maxed but are fine with that. We actually got ours on sale 8K under MSRP so shopping at the right time helps with any new trailer. I...
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    Made the jump!

    I actually do use it, typically I alternate both but I want to be in the practice of both as we have gone a few places and the BAL wouldn't go high enough. This way I'm prepared for potential severe site grades which has happened a few times.
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    Made the jump!

    Well here is the overdue pictures! My apologies on the delay weather was a factor the first couple of times out then work and family stuff came up! Anyways hopefully y'all enjoy! It does have a toilet too that is shared with the shower! Were still figuring out a few things like storage and...
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    R pod by forest river

    I actually have the 178 model and it works great! No problems tows easily! It does have electric brakes and is pretty light weight. Ours comes in at 2400lbs no gear and water hooked up. I will say even being that light it is still a gas killer though. Not totally but pretty close. Good...
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    Very nice indeed love the layout looks very comfortable.
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    Storage in Travel Trailers!

    It's always a fun challenge making it work again, just like the pup creativity counts. Good luck it's a process and you will figure it out.
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    Made the jump!

    Thanks all, should be interesting either way. Good pics to come soon this week has just been a rough one. That was my thought on the BAL but once out there I will have some good ole 2x6's as well and feel it out. If not feeling solid enough on the BAL I'll make the switch, the BAL is just so...
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    Power trailer mover

    Good luck let us know how it goes. I always find it funny how these bylaws, HOA's and other similar type things dictate what we must do on our own property lol.
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    So why the Darkside?

    For us it was a little bit of everything. I'm in the military and we move a lot so this will be beneficial come transfer time. Plus my work takes a big chunk of my free time up more and more so a few more amenities will be nice, as well as making things a bit easier too! One thing to note...
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    Made the jump!

    That was my thought as well. First few times I'll be prepared for either way and see how it goes. Thanks for the input greatly appreciated! Were going to miss the pop up for sure but this will be a lot better for many different reasons for us. Thanks again all!
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    Made the jump!

    Thanks for the compliments! No pics of the inside just yet, the dealer is working on getting it ready and we have to make the switch. Nice thing about that is I already got our pop up ready for this season and we've used it twice already, though both times were a bit cold lol, though not the...
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    New to me TV

    Very nice indeed!
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    Hunting Guide's Ultimate Camper

    Ha that's funny!
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    Made the jump!

    Well we made the jump to the dark side! Still in shock from the decision a bit lol. I've got a few things to figure out. We pretty much got everything we were looking for. Its an R-Pod 177 here is a general manufacture pic of the web below. I've still got a few things to figure out with it...
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    Thinking about getting a small TT for the two of us...

    I agree the bed should be dedicated. We finally just made the step to the dark side after a lot of looking. Good luck!
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    Everyone is camping this coming weekend!!

    Yep were camping this weekend starting tomorrow night for 2 nights! I've got a lot of work to do before that happens. I have to go through the whole camper and get it ready for the season, air pressure, bearings ect. Unfortunately due to the ice storm that just came through the south east I...
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    My new to me pop up!!

    Very nice indeed! Congrats.
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    irab88's 1983 Coleman Sun Valley Build-Up Thread

    Nice looks like you still had fun regardless!
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    4-Banger Nissan

    Nissan's are good little trucks. Just take your time like everyone else said and build your experience. My old my man was a trucker and I learned a lot from him and he always said "just take your time". Good luck!