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  1. cyclesteve

    Roof braces for AC

    I have a roof ac to install on my popup. It does not have braces. I can't find any made for my camper. I was wondering if I could make my own by using: I was thinking 8'x2"x2"x1/8" thick. Welding the end brackets to bolt to the sides of the roof would not be a problem. I now have a window unit...
  2. cyclesteve

    Roof braces

    I have a 1985 Jayco 1008SG. I am going to install a roof air conditioner. I need to purchase roof braces. Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair?. I have not measured the celling span to see what length I need. Once I do that I may be able to use someone other than Jayco. If there is...
  3. cyclesteve

    Neuse River Trail camp grounds

    Does anyone know of a campground near the Neuse River Trail that has water and electric hook ups? I would like to be close enough to ride the bike to and from the trail.
  4. cyclesteve

    Rack to carry the tandem bike

    This is the rack I built to carry either the tandem or two singles.
  5. cyclesteve

    low pressure

    Without putting a gauge on the line. Does anyone know what the psig is coming from a preset regulator to a low pressure stove? Thanks, Steve
  6. cyclesteve

    Aluminum siding

    I need to repair a section of the rear panel of my 1985 Jayco 1008-SG pu. Does anyone know where I can purchase some aluminum siding like is used on the pu? Thanks, Steve
  7. cyclesteve

    propane hose connection

    I have moved my stove outside. It was attached to the outside wall between the door and the front of the pup. I have been running the hose from the tank regulator directly to the stove. I am moving it to the j-hanger behind the door near the back of the pup to make room for a table to go...