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    post 1000

    Didn't think I'd ever get here. Think I been a member since 2008.
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    Trailmaners at western campers

    The dealership down the street from me just started carrying the trailmanor brand. they are having an open house this weekend to show off a few. I have already bought two campers from them. Maybe looking at a third. Western campers is on the west side of Fort Worth Texas. really a good...
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    TT or Hybrid tires

    I see lots of posts on other forums about changing from ST to LT tires on peoples TT. Any one here have any experiences with this. Just thinking about the future. Sooner or later I will need to replace mine.
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    Getting out this weekend

    Leaving in about 7 hours to a local campground. Temps are supposed to be 104 today 103 tomorrow and 100 on sunday. Sure wish it would cool off. Texas is hot this time of year. Will definitely be looking for shade. Hope everyone else has a great weekend.
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    Question about tow mirrors

    I know there are several people on the site that have hybrid or tt. Do you use tow mirrors or are the factory ones working ok for you. Asking because we will be picking up new tt in couple of weeks and want to be prepared. Trailer will be 27 feet long. Looking for any input thanks.
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    Going to the darkside

    We traded in the pup yesterday and orderd our new tt. We bought a Layton Joey 207. It's going to be four to six weeks for it to be built the dealer said. The wife is very excited she got to pick colers for the int. We went with fiberglass siding power stabilizer jacks and power awning and pretty...
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    Looking for info on dodge Hemi with auto trans

    Going to look at a 2008 dodge quad cab tomorrow. It has the hemi engine. I had a friend who works at a service dept for dodge pull a spec sheet for me. It has tow package from factory. Tow rating of 8700 pounds. I want to know if anyone else is using one and how bad is gas mileage with and...
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    Trouble with awning bag

    I noticed yesterday while checking my tires that the stitching that holds my bag together was all seperating. So went by dealeship to ask about repairs. Jeff the service guy told me how to take it off. And said to take to Fort Worth Tent and Awning. That is where they take their repairs. Showed...
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    Looking at a utah

    We are looking at a utah at our local dealership. It is a 2010 with everything potty shower combo ac. But am wondering about price. Dealer said he would work with me on price since the new models should be in anytime. They are asking 14,995. for it. So does anyone know where I should start dont...
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    Tx. Abiline state park

    We will be heading that way next month. Was wondering if anyone has any experiance with this park. Thanks for any input good or bad.
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    Opinions on instant canopy

    Looking at the coleman max 10 x 10 instant shelter canopy. Walmart has it for 129. comes with screens and sun wall and nice looking roller bag. I just dont know if it is any good. Never seen one set up. Please help with opinion good or bad.
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    portaboat info

    Was just wondering if anyone here has any experiance with the portaboat saw a video for one the other day and sent request for priceing but kind of wanted some info from someone who does not work for them just dont have room for a full size boat in storage