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    Toggle / Paracord Tie Down

    Here is my problem : I have a Cargo Glide XL1000 mounted in the back of my pickup truck .. I have two 26 gallon water containers that set on the slide .. on the exterior of the slide I have installed Foot Loops to co-inside with the moulded strap channels that are formed in each water container...
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    How to lift the A-frame Up to do work underneath

    I am looking at adding a SeaLevel freshwater monitoring gauge .. in order to access the tank I will need to crawl under the trailer .. I would like to give myself a bit more room to work .. has any one of you folks come up with a solution .. one of my passing thoughts was to pull the trailer up...
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    3/8" hole in outside wall ?

    Basic question: how would you recommend filling a round 3/8" hole that got punched into the outside wall [drivers side] of my Rockwood A214HW A-frame .. the hole did not go totally thru the wall & the hole is actually behind the roof [4" or so ] aluminum molding when the A-frame is open and...
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    Kenwood Radio

    Question I have a 2018 Rockwood 214HW .. it has the factory Kendwood Radio .. the LED display stays on even if the radio itself is off .. does anyone know if that is normal or am I missing on how to Power Off the unit completely ?
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    Mounting a rear camera

    I have a Rockwood 214 HW .. I'm thinking I would like to mount a wireless camera on the back of the trailer .. to mount the bracket .. would you use pop-rivets .. or .. a Hand Rivet Nut Setter .. and where would you consider mounting it .. thanks Glenn Shay
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    Adding Lights

    I am looking at adding 8" LED Utility Lighting strips in nearly All the storage compartments of my A-frame .. I am thinking about utilizing one toggle switch .. mounted inside .. and connecting as many of the strips together .. other than the challenge of running the wires so that they are...
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    Caulking thoughts

    I have / was on the waiting list for a Flagstaff or Rockwood A-frame with the toilet /shower combo .. last week I happened to visit the RV-Trader and came across a brand new listing .. just a few hours old .. of a 2018 Rockwood that had the toilet/shower combo .. I immediately left my info to...
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    Power Levelers

    I am looking at making a Major modification to a new T21DMHW .. I am looking at turning it into a Toy Hauler having a 9' deck on the front .. I am looking at building it out of a 2"x6" x .25 inch wall rectangular tubing .. to which the existing A-frame would be welded to the new frame .. I was...
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    Fresh water tank

    Does any of the members know what the Depth of the fresh water tank is in the flagstaff T21DMHW ? I am looking at adding a KUS water gauge .. Thank you Glenn
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    Height of your A frame

    Can anyone tell me what is the measurement from the ground to the top of the deck on your A122TH or the 28TSCSE - DSO trailer .. thank you Glenn
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    Flagstaff T21DMHW

    The wife and I have narrowed down our search to the flagstaff T21DMHW .. Question 1 : the shower drains on the passengers side ? ... and the sink drains on the drivers side ? is that correct ? .. I know there is no gray tank .. If I am correct ... has anyone re-routed the shower drain pipe to...
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    Hello for Phx Az.

    The wife and I just sold our Winnebago Adventurer .. after several trips across the country .. our son just recently purchased a Winnebago bumper pull toy hauler and has been doing a few camping trips in northern Az. so we decided on a Flagstaff T21DMHW so we could tag along [we are invited] ...