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    Roofing Membrane

    Mine was WAY more than $300 - I used 3 sheets of plywood and that alone was $300, then the membrane and the glue and ......
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    Roof Replacement

    I r I have a 2009 Palomino Pony P280. Ended up building a new roof from plywood and covering it with TPO rubber roof membrane. one problem I did encounter with the roof membrane was it would twist a bit when I had to put screws in for the external hardware.
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    Roofing Membrane

    Hi, I rebuilt my roof on a 2009 Palomino Pony P280 due to Mold and rotten wood on the ends. The old roof had a metal cladding, but it was glued to the rotten wood and I could not save it. When I rebuilt I used good one side plywood and covered with a roofing membrane from out of...
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    Blackstone Covers/cases

    I would suggest going to a Tent / Awning shop and have one made specifically to fit your trailer - You'll pay more, but get a better quality product that's durable.
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    Counter Top Edge - Re-glue?

    That's going to be a tough one. I would almost say something like PL300 construction adhesive, but it might be to thick and leave it raised a bit. You might get away with wood glue (Titebond III is a waterproof glue that cleans up easy). Good luck.
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    Axle flip

    Thank-you for that. I just rebuilt my top with plywood and I'm sure I added more weight - hence the how-to weigh question and the reason for looking at increasing tires.
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    Axle flip

    I have a 2008 Palimony Pony P280. I would love to put some larger tires on it but not sure where to start. I just finished rebuilding the top from scratch and I think its a bit heavier now. BTW, What's the best way to weigh the trailers and tongue weight.
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    Right blinker and brake light not working

    Hi When it comes to trailer TRAFFIC lights, I believe they take all of there signaling from the vehicle. There should not be any relays on the trailer at all for traffic signals or brakes signals. I don't have your vehicle or trailer, but as a general rule when isolating trailer wiring...
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    Tongue weight question

    this was a great discussion on tow weights.
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    Looking for Photos Please

    Thx for the feedback.
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    Looking for Photos Please

    Thanx, I have the top Channel re-installed now, I was not sure if screws were added after the tentage is in the channel or if the channel fold was enough to hold it in place. I guess I will need to look and see if there are any holes in the tentage.
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    Looking for Photos Please

    I just found a Flagstaff video that showed me the door setup as well so I'm good there. just need to see if I can find anything that shows how the tentage is secured.
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    Looking for Photos Please

    You know, I totally forgot about the Hook for the tent bar. You are 100% correct.
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    Looking for Photos Please

    No one has a trailer they can take pictures of?
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    Looking for Photos Please

    Good day Troops I have almost completed the rebuild of my Tent trailer roof and looking to see if someone can send me a few photos so I can finish up. I have a 2009 Palomino Pony P280 by Forest River. I have completely rebuilt the top but when checking my pre disassembly photos, I missed a...
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    Rebuild pop up roof side boards

    I just used 1/2" Good one side Plywood. I was able to cut both sides from a single 4x8 sheet (angled corner to corner) for my Palomino Pony P280. if your sides are longer, you can get 12' lengths.
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    Best plywood for roof restore

    I'm just working in the back yard, tarped when rain threatens. That's why I'm doing a total rebuild. the Outer skin on mine was sheet metal with OSB glued to it. I could not separate the rotted OSB from the metal shell that why I went 3/4" plywood and PVC Cover. I suspect Ill be a bit...
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    Best plywood for roof restore

    I am redoing my roof right now on a 2008 Palomino Pony P280. For the top I'm using 3/4" plywood (Good one side) for the sides I'm using 5/8 Plywood (Good One Side). I made kerf cuts in the 3/4" plywood to make the bends at the front and back. I'm using Titebond III ultimate Wood glue at the...
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    Roof sidewall thickness

    I'm actually doing this right now on my 2008 P280 Palomino Pony. BTW Did I mention how much I hate Mfgrs using OSB in Trailers? I'm making my sidewalls from 5/8 Good 2 Side plywood and will cover with a roof membrane. For the top, I'm actually using 3/4 plywood that I kerf cut to get the...
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    Is this OK?

    Good day Troops, I find myself in a position of having to rebuild the top on my 2008 Palomino Pony P280. The existing top has OSB that got wet, swelled, turned black. The OSB is glued to the metal and I can't get it off, and If I keep trying I suspect I'll just end up wrecking the metal skin...