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    LOL! I saw that same video. I guess you guys are right, each to his own. Still, I left a comment saying we had spent 15 nights in our A frame recently and loved it. You just need to figure out some storage tricks.
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    Hello from Georgia

    The popup should be more comfy for sleeping. I recently started using Hipcamp. If you are not familiar it is like Airbnb for camping. I used it twice this fall with our A frame popup. Both times we camped on farms. In our experience, it has been quiet, hosts were nice, they cut trails around...
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    Anyone camping in a Rockwood A-frame?

    We started using a 6 sided tarp. Not perfect but works pretty well. We also have a canopy to extend covered space if weather is not great.
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    Roadside Assistance

    Rollins Pond, Cranberry Lake and Lake Harris. 4 nights at each.
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    Are pop ups a dying breed?

    We have camped exclusively at state parks and what we see depends on the options the park offers. Often big rigs and buses, other times, if lucky mostly small teardrop type trailers and sprinter vans. Always some tents, occasionally another popup. I went to an event on private property last...
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    Roadside Assistance

    Thanks for the replies. After some research one of the primary complaints of Good Sam is they take forever and people end up calling AAA. I upgraded my AAA account to include the camper. Our trip is to the Adirondacks in NY. Hopefully we won't even need it.
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    Roadside Assistance

    Hello, Didn't find a Roadside Assistance thread since 2017. Our Forest River plan is about to expire. Thinking about switching to Good Sam. I have AAA for the tow vehicle but have to check as I do not think it covers the camper. What do you guys use in case of flat tire, towing, or in the worst...
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    Off Grid Setup

    We got a small Jackery solar generator and 100w solar panel combo. It is perfect for charging electric devices, lamp batteries and maybe running a little fan in the evening. That way the camper batteries and solar panel can focus on camper needs.
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    Anyone camping in a Rockwood A-frame?

    We have a 2021 Rockwood 213HW and love it. We've camped in 5 states since picking it up in NC last summer! We've camped at Westmoreland State Park and Twin Lakes in Va. Nice places, have you been to either?
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    200 watts of Solar installed

    We just got a similar setup for our Aframe. It's raining this week, so booked 2 nights next week without electric hookup for a test run!
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    Potable H2O

    Thanks for the detailed answers! Think we will try the combo method of tank and water jugs. Good to know the pump doesn’t use that much power.
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    Potable H2O

    Hello, Sure this is not a new topic, although I did not locate anything. We are headed out in our Rockwood Hard Side A213HW for a 16 day adventure this summer. This will by about 10 nights be our longest trip yet. There will be no electric or water hookups. Pretty sure we have the electric...