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    KY - Cumberland Falls State Park

    Starting a new thread for just the state park campground since the other threads here are somewhat confusingly labeled along with the Corbin, KY KOA which is a fair distance from the park. We stayed here Friday evening through Sunday morning. It was almost full; there was one empty slot and it...
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    Self Contained Camper

    Kentucky's order (pertaining to state parks) has the same self-contained language but goes a step further and specifically bans pop-ups. :-( We're hopeful we can keep a couple of reservations at the NFS campground we frequent but we've already canceled our state park trips.
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    Holly Bay Campground / Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest / London-Corbin Area

    Nice, spacious site, well-shaded, easy setup aside from the electric hookup being a little farther than my cord would reach originally. We had to crank up the stabilizers and push our pup forward about four feet. We could just barely see our neighbors to either side - the spots are far apart and...
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    Portable ac in 98 coleman

    Wow, Norseman79, that is an awesome hack! We have a window unit we've been using inside our pup in hot weather but I've been pondering ways to move it outside. When we use it I've been sitting it on top of our mini-fridge which itself sits up on top of the ice chest. I have two of those magnetic...
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    Outpost Campground and RV Park / Salt Lick, KY (Cave Run/Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest/Morehead Area)

    Hi all! We just got back from Labor Day weekend at Cave Run with our kiddos. We pulled our pup and set up at this private campground just downstream from the dam at Cave Run Lake. On our previous outings we've stayed in the Forest Service campground at Twin Knobs...
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    Are you talking about the 'twist' type holder for the door frame? If so, I had to pick up some for our '87 Rockwood last season and this is the only place I was able to find them.
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    Headed for Mammoth Cave!

    Wow, haven't encountered that. Good to know! All I have are stakes anyhow, so if we ever happened across that sort of setup we'd probably just go porchless. :-) It was pretty funny actually - it still hadn't thawed out when we took the camper down yesterday and rather than fold it up like normal...
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    Jellystone At Mammoth Cave?

    We just got back from a weekend at Jellystone! Our kids loved it; despite the cold weather there were a lot of activities for them. I'd imagine in warmer weather when all the water facilities are up and running it's even more fun. They did swim anyhow despite the cold - the pool is heated. The...
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    Headed for Mammoth Cave!

    And we're back! Despite the snow (!!!!) we had a blast. There was one challenging moment - my porch awning came loose during the night in the wind and had frozen in place up over top of the camper by morning. Going to figure out a better system before our next outing. One of our neighbors...
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    Headed for Mammoth Cave!

    I'd forgotten I posted this until I went to write a new post just now and the title bar tried to auto-fill itself. :-) This trip actually got rescheduled. We were supposed to go back in November but the day before I started feeling really lousy and ended up (after the Wifey dragged me to the...
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    Headed for Mammoth Cave!

    In a few weeks we'll be hitting the road on our first-ever fall camping trip to Mammoth Cave! We're pulling our pup and my Mom and Dad are going to join us with theirs, so it should be fun. We're staying at Jellystone, so it will also be our first experience with that type of (non-park)...
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    KY - Carter Caves Campground - Olive Hill, KY (Eastern KY)

    We had fun at this campground! I have to say I was taken aback at first by how close together the sites were, but: 1) We were near a curve in the road, so that was a factor. 2) Our other main camping experience is at Twin Knobs in the Daniel Boone National Forest (Cave Run), and those sites...
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    2006 Rockwood 1940 crushed sink drain hose.

    That's an oddball design for sure. We have a (much older) Rockwood and like tfischer said, the drain hose has a lot more play in it so it loops when the galley folds. Anyhow, assuming your replacement would be the same length, an anti-kink spring might do the trick. I've not seen one in an RV...
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    Handy Heater (As Seen on TV) - Anyone Tried It?

    Well then. You all are making the handy heater sound not very handy at all. [LOL] I guess the small form factor appealed to me, and having one less thing to have to 'stow' other than dropping it in a drawer. But I've got quite a bit of unused space under one of our seats so it would be...
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    Just passed my exam back in the fall and our camping season had already come to an end [:(] by the time I had a portable rig up and running, but I'm hoping to take mine with me the next time we go out. I got a little QRP Pixie kit to build over the winter break and I'd like to try that from...
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    Handy Heater (As Seen on TV) - Anyone Tried It?

    I saw the Handy Heater ( advertised (late) last night on TV and am thinking about getting one for our pup. We have a propane furnace but honestly we don't typically bother with it because it burns so doggone much gas and it's just easier to pile on blankets. But it...
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    Welcome! I'm still fairly new here myself but it's a good group with a lot of helpful and friendly folks. :-)
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    Halloween Party

    Huh - that sounds interesting! Pretty close by for us (Lex; about an hour) so we might check that out. Thanks!
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    Just Booked our Second Outing! Carter Caves (KY)

    Well... this trip is officially off. [:(] Our Beagle somehow managed to tear the doggie equivalent of his ACL and has to have surgery, and the first opening was 9/2. Bummed but we have to keep the family healthy, fur-kids included. Unfortunately soccer has us tied up through Halloween so I...
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    Just Booked our Second Outing! Carter Caves (KY)

    Will do! Although it's going to be crowded. I put 'trailer' and 'electric' into Reserve America and there was only ONE site left in the whole campground! Probably lucky to have found that this close to Labor Day.