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    Texas says hey!

    Howdy from Houston! If you're loving Texas camping, and are looking for some tips, tricks, and the like, check out my blog (in the signature below) And also, feel free to attend any of the SETPUCC Campouts to meet new Puppers!
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    New from Houston area

    Howdy from Houston! Would love to introduce you to 'the club'. Check us out here: [/url][/url]
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    New FromTexas

    Howdy from Houston
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    Ideas for Easter?

    So, I'm a little late to the party, but we camp for Easter every year- and I'm the "Martha Jo" aka Martha Stewart of the group. You can check out what we did for Easter in the link below, and hopefully you'll get to use some of the ideas next year...
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    Here's an idea for keeping kids contained at your site

    I'm a fan of the big silent didn't-realize-he-was-there Doberman dog for that one. :-)
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    Camping with Kids on Easter

    We've got a running tradition of egg hunt on Saturday with the families we go camping with over Easter. Dads take the kiddos for a walk and Moms hide eggs. Just finished writing about our last Easter trip here...
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    Pet Loc8ter Tags...

    I'll own up to the temp-tag idea! I wrote about it here: And Diesel's such a homebody at this point, he'll barely step foot in the back yard far enough to do business before he's back at the door looking in. But...
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    Camping with a Cat

    Wouldn't dare try it with my twin cats. They'd probably try to kill me in my sleep the first night. (I'll have to tell you the story someday of how we traveled by airplane from Raleigh to Houston together, two of them, one me, and a rather unhelpful TSA...) Either who, we buffet feed them at...
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    Camping Craft: Melted Beads Wind Chimes

    Thanks! It was so easy and super fun!
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    the dog when you need to head out?

    We've been camping with our Diesel since he was about 11 weeks old. Now, as an intact 80# two-and-a-half year old Doberman(!) most people would think we were crazy to take him camping. But really? Most people don't even notice him in our campsite. I'll add my 2¢ here, and surely will get...
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    Camping Craft: Melted Beads Wind Chimes

    Lots of fun, and my first Camping Crafts Corner post!
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    Rice cooker breakfast!

    Dang it! I hate when that happens!
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    Printable Camping Planner Organizer

    *picking jaw up off the floor* I think I love you! This is AMAZING!
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    What do you cook for breakfast?

    I'm of the super-easy, not a whole lotta dishes persuasion. Check out our breakfast in a rice cooker here:
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    Rice cooker breakfast! A quick and healthy breakfast!
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    Cake made in a rice cooker!

    Looooove my Dutch oven! Your cornbread will never be the same!
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    Cake made in a rice cooker! Delicious! Enjoy!
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    South East Texas Pop-Up Camper's Club

    Would love to see you at Rusk- I'm hosting that campout- it's one of our favorite parks!
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    2014 - Texas Puppers Summer Rally - Discussion Thread

    We'll be heading home Sunday. Got that annoying j.o.b. thing between camping trips we gotta get back to.