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  1. jman1200

    Bugs vs. Exterior LED Lighting

    I have a warm white LED strip underneath my awning which I usually keep off when there are too many bugs in the area as it does attract them. On my last camping trip I had to keep it off most of the time which made me wonder if a different color would attract less bugs. Started reading a bunch...
  2. jman1200

    Another Chipmunk Attack !

    I was looking for the right place to post this and was surprised to find out how many others have been attacked by these little critters. We were camping at Longpoint PP- Ontario and we had these two (or maybe 10 [?:~{]) chipmunks coming in an out our porch all the time. We had the add-a-room...
  3. jman1200

    Pump bypass

    I recently bought the Camco bypass kit My PU's pump is under the slide out so I have to remove a large panel to get to it, 4 screws no big deal but still one extra step. So I've been...
  4. jman1200

    Awning C Channel Repair

    Last camping I forgot to remove one of the horizontal posts of the awning before lowering the roof [:!] [:!] [:!]. This created too much tension on the awning causing the C channel to break. The C channel had some minor cracks already plus the PO drilled a couple holes to keep the awning from...
  5. jman1200

    New Floor - Door Edge

    Yesterday I started installing a new vinyl plank floor, I thought I was going to be able to remove the aluminum trim that sits on the door’s edge and then place it back on top of the new floor…. This aluminum piece has a very unique shape, the back is U shaped, the whole floor (wood plus vinyl)...
  6. jman1200

    How to Ruin Your Camping Trip

    Found this video online, what do you think happened here? - Tried to overtake and realized he was short of a few hundred horsepower? - Forgot he had a trailer attached?
  7. jman1200

    Getting a New TV ! :)

    So I'm gettiiiiiiiiiinngg a neeeeeeeeeewww TV !!!! [Guitar] I bought it last Saturday and I'm supposed to get it on Thursday ! I was going to wait till then but I caaaaaannnn't wait to tell [:D] Not saying anything else ! [:D] [:D] [:D] I'll post a pick on Thursday ! Make a guess.... it's...
  8. jman1200

    Water Heater - Line Rubber Seal

    Hi I am installing a by-pass and misplaced one of these rubber seals, anyone knows where I can get them and/or a part number for it? It's from a Coleman - Suburban Water Heater
  9. jman1200

    Cleaning the Water Heater

    So I winterized my PUP for the very first time, in the process I found that the PO apparently never bypassed the water heater. I have to say that what I found is gross, I'm glad we mostly used that water to wash dishes. I stuck my finger in there and felt a lot of loose stuff in there...
  10. jman1200

    Front Storage Box Repair

    Tonight I'm going to start fixing my storage box. It had some minor water damage when I bought the PUP and the PO told me that water was getting in but he didn't know how.... after a year, I haven't been able to figure that out either. I suspect there could be those famous hairline cracks...
  11. jman1200

    Temptation, temptation !

    I own a Bayside which I bought because of the king beds and slide out, but as most PUPs, it does take some time to set up and you can't get in or even open/close the door without slightly lifting the roof. I never looked into hybrids until today when I came across a Rockwood 233S....ahhh ! I'm...
  12. jman1200

    Ouch !

    This was on today's local newspaper, just wanted to share it as a reminder to all to be extra careful when towing our trailers, don't speed, avoid swerving and be respectful of the extra load you are carrying. Full article can be found here...
  13. jman1200

    Types of RV Antifreeze

    Hi I own a 2000 Coleman Bayside that I'll be winterizing for the first time sometime in October. I went through many posts in this section and could find any references about what type of RV antifreeze to buy. Basically I found two types, one to be used on plastic pipes only and another one...