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    Newbie question about reservations.

    My husband and I spent a week last June at Meadow Lake Provincial Park in SK. The Sask Park site was very good. I was able to view pictures of each site and they also gave measurements of the site. I'm not sure if they do it for all their Provincial campgrounds but I bet they do it for the...
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    Pup Ceiling Lights

    Thanks so much, we were having the same problem...outlets work, fuses fine, breaker ok but no lights working inside. I read all your suggestions and found a switch right by our sink! I hope you fix your problem Skippy :) Thanks to everyone else for the helping hand.
  3. J

    pup insurance

    We have insurance too and it's about $125 a year. For us it's peace of mind knowing that we're protected in case of an accident or something else unforeseen happens :)
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    Removing Curtains

    I have the type of C clip that Dubbya is talking about. In fact I just removed my curtains today so that I can replace them with the new ones I made. I did something similar to what Dubbya was explaining except I used a pair of very skinny needle nose pliers and gently, but firmly, pulled the...
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    Questions about Hot water tank and Water Pump

    Where would we look to see if there are bypass valves?
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    Questions about Hot water tank and Water Pump

    Still trying to familiarize ourselves with our NTU 2001 Coleman Westlake and I'm still confused about a few things in regards to the hot water tank and electric water pump. I've got the owners manual and I've been reading it over and over but I'm new to this and don't want to cause damage to the...
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    Pup Trailer Lock, theft

    DH puts a yellow hitch lock on ours when it's in our driveway or stored in the off season. Better safe than sorry.
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    Pop-ups and lightning

    Good one! I'm new to camping with electricity so I never would have thought about this. Thanks [:D]
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    Thetford C4 issues

    Another camper on here helped me find the seal that needed replacing in my THetford C4 toilet. Here is a link to the company that I bought it from: I've done a couple test runs with water and it...
  10. J

    Thetford C4 Cassette "Blade"

    Glad you got your part and were able to fix the toilet. I had problems with the lip seal on my C4. I was able to find the part I needed at I know I'm a little late with this considering you got your part but maybe it'll come in handy in the future...or for someone else :)
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    Leaking problems with Thetford C4 toilet in our 2001 Coleman Westlake.

    I finally got my part in the mail and I popped it into the porta potty. It seems to have done the trick. I filled the toilet basin with water and it held without leaking through. I filled and flushed a few more times and there is no leaking. Fingers crossed but I think my problem is solved...
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    Tips & Tricks for setup during bug season!

    But what about the other people at the campground who are already there? [:!] Maybe I've misinterpreted something? [RTM]
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    Sheets? Sleeping Bag?

    We have sheets on each end of our pup. DH and our 2 DD's sleep in sleeping bags but I'm not a fan so I sleep with a comforter. I hate the sand and bits of dirt that inevitably get on the sheet though. [:(O]
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    Sewing projects for the camper

    Gketchup, that organizer is fantastic!!!
  15. J

    Broken cable needs repair

    Don't forget to check out the Manuals section. I was able to find the Lift Repair Manual in there which was a huge help to my DH when we were having problems with our lift system.
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    Awning: Bag seems OK, but it unstitched from rubber attachment point. Fleetwood

    Same here...2001 Coleman Westlake...strong wind came and took our awning right off.
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    Sewing projects for the camper

    My mom is helping us make some organizers similar to this. We are reconstructing an organizer that I bought so once it's finished I'll post pictures. Thanks for the link to the free pattern...we might need it if our project doesn't pan out [LOL]
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    Leaking problems with Thetford C4 toilet in our 2001 Coleman Westlake.

    We're having problems with a leak in our Thetford C4 toilet. I'm finding water/urine pooling on top of the tank instead of it all draining directly into the tank. I figure the problem has to do with a seal between the toilet bowl and the tank because I filled the toilet bowl with about 2 cups of...