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  1. jmkay1

    Go For It !

    If Hollywood got a bus to jump it surely we could. 😆
  2. jmkay1

    Hey there!!! From Hampton Roads, VA

    One of my regular campgrounds is North Bend campground on Kerr Lake. It’s further inland and on the NC/VA border. I always choose a water front/view site there. I have tried out Kiptopeke State Park down your way on the other side of the tunnel although the prime sites are nearly impossible to...
  3. jmkay1

    Favourite Pop up mods

    Wow, Id be afraid to use the camper for that fancy picture you found. The only thing I want to mention is be careful with weight. For instance solid wood could weigh quite a bit more than the cheap cabinets, that you could max out your existing axel. Then make sure the weight distribution is...
  4. jmkay1

    Hello! First time camper owner...

    Welcome from northern Virginia. if your able in your neighborhood I suggest a camp driveway. That way you actually get to use it but still close where You can always run in for that one item you forgot to get.
  5. jmkay1

    Hey there!!! From Hampton Roads, VA

    Welcome from northern Virginia. Who knows we may bump into each other at some campground.
  6. jmkay1

    December 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Tucked Away at storage yard. I do need to check the cover as we did have some high winds the other day but I'm usually safe as I have two 25' travel trailers on either side of me so they take the brunt of it and the storage yard has no trees in the parking lot. A friend sadly had a large tree...
  7. jmkay1

    Camping reservations

    Pre covid I usually waited a month or two out with most of my trips. Now I found you have to reserve at least six months out or as soon as the window opens. Campgrounds are just crazy busy now especially weekends And getting a spot any closer is usually impossible. Unless there is a hurricane...
  8. jmkay1

    Aloha From Hawaii

    Welcome from northern Virginia. Hope you have many fun trips with your camper.
  9. jmkay1

    Blackstone, bbq’s or campfire cooking?

    I was camping with friends once and they left their grill out on the picnic table, in the middle of the night they heard a crash. Peaking out the window they saw a black bear had pushed their BBQ grill off the table and even attempted to drag it into the woods. Funny thing was this campground...
  10. jmkay1

    Blackstone, bbq’s or campfire cooking?

    I bought a BBQ grill for camping trips but found I never bothered to bring it for most of my trips. I bought a grate to go over the campfire and found between the stove and the grate I got everything I need. As far as a Blackstone, as cool as it is, I just don't see myself wanting to bother...
  11. jmkay1

    Hello from Pennsylvania...

    Welcome from northern Virginia And to the portal. There are a lot of helpful information on on A wide range of topics. The precamper section is definitely worth a check out to help with your research. Something I want to say about getting a camper, weather buying new or used check it out very...
  12. jmkay1

    Yellowstone’s rules about the thermal areas ain’t no joke

    Unfortunately it's that very same stupidity that ruins it for everyone else. Went to Europe once on a trip and they closed the path to a monument because too many were defacing it so the best way to view the monument was now through binoculars or pictures online. I get it, but its sad that...
  13. jmkay1

    Cross Country Canada

    The only thing I can say is follow the KISS method. (Keep it stupid simple). Make it where you don't have to move things around in order to set up. If you got kids get them involved. Give them a map to help give them a visual clue as to where they are. I would personally alternate between...
  14. jmkay1

    November 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Unfortunately I don't camp in full sun much and my poor solar panel for the camper has to chase the sun as it is so I have a chance of charging the battery. I have tried solar lights with those itty bitty solar panels, they can never get enough charge to do any good. Perhaps though they make...
  15. jmkay1

    Coleman utah front compartment rebuild

    Do you plan to add a drawer so you can get things out of the front trunk? The video kind of looks like you sealed the lid area.
  16. jmkay1

    A Yellowstone Question and an unextended PUP bunk

    Can't speak for the campground your going to. However the campgrounds I go to the rule is, all tires have to be somewhere on the parking pad. So I have often angled my car enough to make it fit on the parking pad. Or even turned the car around so that the hood of the car can slightly fit...
  17. jmkay1

    TV in the shop, and the big day is arriving next week...

    sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. I’m sure your camper is out there, you will find it in time. Like neighbormike said, it’s best you discovered the issue now then after forking over the hard earned money. Best of luck.
  18. jmkay1

    Ice House Campers

    For someone who's winters do not get that hard freeze that some do, it just amazes me you guys can even haul something like that on ice and not fall in. Amazing though what one can do with an old popup but for something like that I wouldn't want to tow it at highway speeds.
  19. jmkay1

    2WD with auto locking differential?

    I have a part time 4wd on my 03 4runner. So was able to switch it to 4wd only when I need it. Unfortunately a problem I discovered Is if you don't use 4wd enough it eventually may fail to engage when you do need it and your vehicle could permanently be stuck in h2. Sadly that is my problem now...
  20. jmkay1

    Gekko Pop Out Covers

    Kind of curious, would you be able to keep them on while folding or is it too bulky? Think I already know the answer to that though.