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    Canvas Repair near Boston, MA

    Carpenter ants got into my Coleman Niagara and ate some of the canvas. I’d like to have it professionally done, replacing the damaged sections. I am located 30 miles west of Boston. Anybody know a place that would do the repairs? Thanks
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    Why O Why??

    Sometimes Walmart camping or the like I will pull up next to another camper. In that situation they have always been happy with it. Safety in numbers.
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    Can anybody identify this hitch manufacturer?

    I don’t think it’s the company name, I thing it is meant to say Reese “Towing Products”
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    Can anybody identify this hitch manufacturer?

    Airstream has a Propride, this is for my Niagra.
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    Can anybody identify this hitch manufacturer?

    I am trying to by parts (spring bar retainer clip) and I can't identify this manufacturer. This is the receiving hitch to which the tow ball is mounted. The spring bar and sway control is Reese, but this part apparently is not. It looks like it starts with a "T" and ends with a "NG" assuming...
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    TT -- is it really an upgrade?

    I own both and feel that PUPs and TTs have their place. We travel extensivley in our trailer, 7000-8000 mile trips often stoping over at Wallmarts on long travel days - no way we could do that in a PUP. But for straight up camping in one spot during good weather, nothing beats a PUP. Everyone in...
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    Not really new, but returning after several years

    Cool story, welcome back. There's nothing like a popup, it's the best for the camping experience. Where and when is the first trip? Things book up early these days...
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    Is Pop Up Camper Good for Long Distance Travel?

    1. Tow Vehicle - but you know that by now. 2. Fishing Bridge does not allow soft sided campers due to bear activity. But the other campgrounds in Yellowstone do, they don't have hookups, however. Fishing Bridge is the only CG in Yellowstone with hookups. It's jammed packed, BTW. 3. Some my...
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    Flirting with the dark side, but we broke up!

    Stay with the popup. That's my advice. There is no better camping experience. I read somewhere a study was done that showed the bigger the camper, the less time spent outdoors. My Airstream was bought to travel the country. I have a goal of showing my girls all 49 states by the time they go...
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    Your Favorite Day Hike and Why ?

    Ea;lye great to see the Whites mentioned here. My hiking is limited because when I am in the really great places, I have my small kids. So that said, I took them up the Tram at the Jackson Hole resort and hiked them down through Grarnet Canyon. It was an overnight, so not technically a day...
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    The Dirt Road Rule--survey

    I like to get hammered and tow really fast downhill in my Honda Fit with no sway control.
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    Avoiding toll roads and bridges from Washington DC to Boston

    I've done this route many times and have developed my favorite route: 95 N to DC 495 to 270 to Rt 15 thru Gettysburg, PA Continue to 81 in Harrisburg, PA up to 84, continue thru CT on 84 and on to 90 East in MA Couple comments. 81/84 can get into some grades so there is a variation picking...
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    What tips do you have to speed up take down?

    Same here. I have it down where we can be traveling extensively, pull into a Wallmart or Cracker Barrel, get out of the truck into the trailer and go to bed. I takes about 1 minute. Can't do that with a popup, but I still have the PUP and love it.
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    What started it all for you?

    1970 - I was 3 years old. We traveled from California to Massachusetts in a VW Camper. It took 3 months and we did not own a home.
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    What tips do you have to speed up take down?

    Drink whiskey, not beer. No cooler No ice No empties
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    Broke Camp in Record Time, Here's Why.

    The funny thing is my popup is my true love, just camped the long weekend in it with the family. Never going to let her go.
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    Broke Camp in Record Time, Here's Why.

    We just Walmart camped in the new rig and what a joy it was to pull in, get out of the truck, go into the trailer and go to bed in about 5 minutes. That includes pouring a whiskey.