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    love to see your trailer tent interior and ext

    Have at it, and I thought a popup and a tent trailer were the same? [?:~{]
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    love to see your trailer tent interior and ext

    Click on the little pink camera over to the left. Lotsa pics of ours there.
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    The Day Has Arrived!!! (Oklahoma's 2012 Spring Rally)

    Re: Oklahoma's 2012 Spring Rally Jones? Yall shoulda stopped by! What kind of new TV did you get?
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    The Day Has Arrived!!! (Oklahoma's 2012 Spring Rally)

    Re: Oklahoma's 2012 Spring Rally We would so love to come, BUT. It seems we have an 18 year child that goes to school, has a full-time job, a truck, but no driver's license. Mom has to be taxi driver and she is NOT happy about him dragging his feet about taking his driving test. [:(!]
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    Utah campgrounds?

    Albert and I are planning a camping trip to Utah. Can any of you guys recommend a good campground in the southeast part of the state? We (ok, I, lol!) need a campground with water and electric. We've been looking, but we know nothing about the area other than the fact that it's beautiful. We'd...
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    Pick your Favorite State Park

    I have to disagree with my fellow Okie Beerlifter up there and go with Western Hills/Sequoyah State Park in northeast Oklahoma. It's fabulously beautiful.
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    Photographers and Photojunkies - Looking for Opinions

    Any pic that I have ever posted here has been taken with a Sony. Not a fancy Sony, just an H50. According to the box, it's an 'advanced' point and shoot. I have no idea what that means, unless they're talking about the fact that it has both auto and manual settings.
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    Photographers and Photojunkies - Looking for Opinions

    I have the Sony you're talking about. It's my 'purse' camera. The pano sucks! I don't the dimensions at all! [:(O] The length is good, but they're sooo skinny!
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    Camping Christmas Gifts

    Yeah... my boss said NO too! [:(!]
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    Searching for advice on Rocky Mountain National Park.

    There's a lot of little hotels in Estes Park that are reasonably priced. We stayed at a Roadway Inn (across from the big ark) that was a pretty nice little place, and very inexpensive. Estes Park IS very expensive. All the stores charge a tourist tax, just like the hotels do. I can recommend...
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    Wish me luck

    LOL, don't stress so much! Go and have a great time!
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    I know an earthquake isn't really weather related, but........

    LOL, yeah, stole it from FB, I loved it!
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    It was a sad day today....

    Nice one, and congrats! Albert and I have got the fever in the worst way! Especially after riding out Saturday night's earthquake in the pup at Thunderbird, hah! We're looking.... may be a year or two, but that way we'll know exactly what we want when we do go over...
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    We are on the move.

    Texas to Kansas? But you're completely skipping the best state! LOL, Congrats on your move, enjoy your new home.
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    Where do you store your camper for winter?

    I checked garage, but it's actually kept in a barn. That's pretty much where we store everything. At one time it had two pups, three jet skis, two scooters, and a ton of other stuff in there. Now, we're down to the two pups, one ski, and the other stuff.
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    Rays !!!

    Go Cubbies! Hey, I can dream, can't I?!? [LOL]