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    Recommended campgrounds in New Hampshire's White Mountains??

    We are planning to stop in the White Mountains for a few days on a trip from NY to ME. Family of four w/dog. We usually stay at National or State Parks, but not totally opposed to private campgrounds. Any recommendations? Would prefer to make reservations in advance. Thanks in advance for...
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    Anyone been to Lieber state recreation area in Indiana?

    I know this is a shot in the dark but looking for any experiences with Lieber. Might stop there on the pass through back to NY if it is decent.
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    Buffalo Campground Suggestions

    Four Mile Creek is a state campground about 10 miles north of Niagara Falls. It's pretty nice. Flat grassy sites with utilities.
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    Next Question: Prettiest Route from Jackson, WY to Rawlins, WY

    Ok, deciding on our cross country trip that we might be heading from Tetons down to Denver via Rawlins. If we go this way, which route is prettier, 189/191 to 80 or 26/287 to 80? Thanks Terry
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    Any suggestions for a route from Tetons to Denver?

    Yes, Mosbyranger, I think you are right. We are now looking at either going to Flaming Gorge or Red Fleet ST PK and then doing one more layover before Denver. Maybe stopping at Rifle Gap for one night. How's that route?
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    Any suggestions for a route from Tetons to Denver?

    Hi Rodger and Gabby, Our MPG will be really low! Xterra pulling a 12' pop-up...we will be lucky to get 12MPG on the open road. I think we were interested in seeing some more canyon/desert area before returing to this side of the Rockies. We considered Casper, then Denver. Also considered...
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    Any suggestions for a route from Tetons to Denver?

    Taking a 5000 mile trip from NY to YNP in August. Need suggestions for a two day trip from Tetons to Denver with a one night layover. Figuring 5-6 hours each day of driving. Tetons to flaming gorge to Denver? Tetons to Laramie to Denver? Tetons to Casper to Denver? Any ideas or suggestions...
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    Camping around Denver? RMNP or a CO state park?

    My family of four (wife and kids ages 8 and 9) are planning a pop-up trip from NY to WY then down to CO before heading home. I have friends in both Littleton, CO and Colorado Springs. We plan to hit Dinosaur National Monument before heading to the Denver area. The question is where to camp in...
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    Do I need a WDH?

    Twisty, do you think a heavy duty WDH would be overkill, or doesn't it matter which you get as long as you install in correctly?
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    Do I need a WDH?

    I don't know...that experiment might just as well be support to NOT use a WDH!!!
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    Do I need a WDH?

    I think you're right on it being too much. I think helper springs might be a better option than the whole WDH. The X only sags a little and maybe I need to change the drop on the drawbar to better match the pu.
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    Do I need a WDH?

    I am looking for advice. I am towing a new-to-me 2010 Jayco 1207 (about 2100lbs dry) with a 2008 Nissan Xterra (tow rating 5000lb with 500 toungue weight). I notice the rear end of the X sags a little when I hook up. Frankly, it sagged a little when I was towing a 1000lb Flagstaff too. I'm...
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    Anyone have experience wiith a front mount bike rack?

    Netdad, you can add a front hitch. Google "front mount hitch" and you will find a plethora of sites who sell them. Now, whether or not you can add them a minivan would depend on the type of van and how much retrofitting you would have to do. I know the Xterra is ready to mount with no...
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    Anyone have experience wiith a front mount bike rack?

    Age old dilemma. Don't want to add to the tounge weight. Don't want to mount bikes on camper. Xterra is just too tall to heave bikes up there. Has anyone had experience with a front mount rack? Installing a front hitch is pretty simple on the X and the Swagman rack at...
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    Can someone recommend a campground close to Denver?

    Looking to stay within easy drive to Denver to visit some friends who live there (south side/Littleton area). Can anyone recommend a campground to stay at for a 2 night visit. Perhaps even half way between Denver and Colorado Springs (have friends there too). Thanks in advance for any advice...
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    1996 Jayco 1207, any thoughts on this model???

    I'll let you know next year because I just bought a 2010 1207 today. I see some others on here have commented that they bought theirs in the last few years. Any thoughts on the prices? Ours came with the awning, furnace, U Dinette table, water purifier, heated bed mats, in/out stereo, bunk...
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    Any thoughts on this price? 2010 jayco 1207 for $7850

    Well, we bought it. They would not budge on the price of $7850 (told us that it was pretty aggressive pricing to begin with) but they did through in the heated mattress pads which are a $250 option. I called dealers all over the US and couldn't get a better price. In fact, most were about a...
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    New Kayak!!

    I have an 08 Xterra and traded in my thinner single kayaks for two wide, large tandems so wife and I could each paddle with a child in the front. I built my own rack with 2x4s and U bolts. Had it done in a day and I can easily slide two kayaks up there. U bolts go around the tube side bars on...
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    Any thoughts on this price? 2010 jayco 1207 for $7850

    $9k. Really? What options? Same as what I listed? And in what part of the country are you? Thanks for the advice.
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    Any thoughts on this price? 2010 jayco 1207 for $7850

    Stopped at a dealership today and found a pop-up that the whole family likes. Jayco 1207. Has additional options of indoor/outdoor stereo and electric brakes. List was $11,129 (yeah...right). Sale price was $8900. QUoted me $8400 and then quickly lowered to $7850 when they saw I wasn't...