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    Competition is Fierce out there!

    Tell this to dealers! I've had multiple ones say they don't carry tent trailers (new and used dealers) because people don't want them! One crap-spouter even applied that lie to hybrids - had a whole fleet of r-pods, but not one with a hybrid bed. I feel we will be lucky to find "our" pup in a...
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    It's been awhile since we've gone out... (photo intensive)

    Thank you for sharing your happy camping pics! It's extra nice seeing teenagers actively enjoying nature!
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    Does anyone else do this?

    Popupportal is my happy place camping withdraw blanky.
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    What "Garbage" have you found a use for?

    Dang it! I knew I should've saved that one that the curtains came in!
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    Love to see some interior pics!

    Wow. Just beautiful. Amazing work.
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    What "Garbage" have you found a use for?

    Pie-iron sleeves - I'm definitely doing that one, Hawks! Holy moly Shelmily! That awning is brilliant! I'd be looking forward to the day my easy-up broke, just to make that awning! [:D]
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    "Coolest" Cooler

    In general, I'm very much into "a place for everything, and everything in it's place," to which I add, "and as portable as possible." So I like the wide wheels, bungee strap downs, and even the plate holder a little bit. But even If I didn't mind the added weight of it all, no way would I pay...
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    What "Garbage" have you found a use for?

    I would love a pic of this; we've considered buying one, but the question is what to do when it breaks? Ha! Rear awning, hmmm... Is this for when family members need a little space? [;)]
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    Campground reviews

    I thought everybody on this site was friends.... Damn. Well, it's like Mama said, "It's all fun and games, till somebody gets hormonal." [LOL]
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    What "Garbage" have you found a use for?

    We recently got a couple more "umbrella" type folding camp chairs for nine bucks at the hardware store. I am not about to ever stuff them back into their carrying sleeves, but I saved them till I could figure out some uses, which so far are: plastic grocery bag holder, recycle paper that will...
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    Going back to popup

    ^^Yes, thanks, Starcraft 2000; that is very good to know.
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    That Was Quick

    Wow, that is what I call a good dealer!
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    Whats your hometown famous for?

    Presyoung - sounds like a great town to visit! What's the name? My hometown I moved from is famous for Cutters (stone, and the bike team) - Bloomington, Ind. Now I live in western Washington, and I agree with UT on great local coffee, not "Charbucks" as many here call it. And yes, Strut, you...
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    What is your special hobby/craft you do while camping?

    A pickin' party! Alright, Yak! That's one of the very few ways I'd want to camp with a crowd. Cheers!
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    A-frames in bear country?

    Thanks, guys. I guess if a bear can get in a cabin, then even a standard TT wouldn't be safe to cook inside. [:!] Still, I've seen photos of the interiors of tent popups in NW campgrounds and people have food all over the place. Here I am worried about shampoo/soap scents if we get one with...
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    A-frames in bear country?

    Hello all! My ficance and I are looking at popups (I am shamefully addicted to this site), hoping to buy next year. We will be camping primarily in bear country (here in the Pacific NW, and sometimes a state or two east of here), and I was wondering if a hard-sided A-frame pup, like Aliner or...
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    Newbie with towing question

    Excellent analogy, Tripod!
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    Help cleaning the plastic windows

    Thank you all for the info regarding special cleansers - you are all so helpful! :)