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    Mystery Part on Tongue

    This is used for sway control. There would be similar little ball on the hitch and a friction bar would attach between the two.
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    New Member and Popup Owner - San Antonio, TX

    Welcome and Gig' EM from another San Antonio resident. Just ask questions. You can post a general question or send a PM to people, they will answer you.
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    The Music Game

    Games People Play - Joe South
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    2012 flagstaff 228D. No Power

    Check all the fuses on your converter. We had one blown on our previous camper (2009 Rockwood HW296) that would not allow the 12V from the battery into the converter.
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    The Music Game

    All My Lovin The Beatles
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    Headed to Disney/Fort Wilderness… Thoughts, ideas?

    We went to Ft Wilderness last December. We drove from San Antonio so we went I-10. On the way there we stopped at a KOA just outside Pensacola, FL. Stay the night and head into Orlando the next day. Unless you are planning to visit NOLA I wouldn't, we take the I-12 to Baton Rouge and...
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    Hello from San Antonio Tx.

    Welcome from San Antonio
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    Question about adding A/C to Starcraft

    Have you called StarCraft? When I had a StarCraft they were very responsive to questions.
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    Thinking of using a Portable Air Conditioner. Thoughts???

    On our first popup, a 1980 StarCraft with a 9 ft box, we used a Portable A/C. Ours was a 14k Btu, it worked okay. We have had better luck with a 13.5K roof mount. Many Portable A/C's claim the don't need draining. While I don't know how humid IL is, but here in South TX we would have to...
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    Who is taking Mama camping this coming weekend?

    To all the Mom's out there. Happy Mothers Day We are taking momma to one of the state parks nearby.
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    For those that have a wastewater tote

    I have a spare handle I can sell if someone needs one. PM if interested.
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    Just made vacation Reservations :)

    Nothing scheduled for April or May?
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    Howdy from San Antonio, TX

    Howdy from another San Antonio resident. Good luck on your roof rebuild. Our first camper was a 1980 StarCraft StarFlyer and I had to rebuild the roof on it.
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    Looking for a good beach that allows campers

    They allow beach camping at Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) and at Mustang Island State Park. Both of these are near Corpus Christi, TX. PINS does have a 'campground', but it is more like a parking lot. However, you can see the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Mustang Island has a...
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    12 Volt Shower Anyone??

    I personally have not used one. But last Christmas we went to South Padre Island and there was a snowbird (from Ohio I believe) who used one daily in the showers as they don't have any hot water in them. He would boil water and put it in two 5 gallon buckets and use that handheld shower.
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    Portable Air Conditioning unit

    Our first PUP was a 1980 StarCraft. We bought a 13K BTU portable A/C for it. We used vent it out where the tent ends zipped together. It was not the most efficient setup, during the day it would get warmer that the set temp. But after the sun went down it would cool off well. Those that...
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    What are the 2 biggest gripes about your camper?

    We average between 7 to 8 MPG.
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    frozen antifreeze

    Not wanting to scare anyone. We did have the water valve on the Dometic toilet freeze and crack. Had to buy a new valve at Camping World. The parts guy there said had sold over 40 of those valves.
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    What are the 2 biggest gripes about your camper?

    I have one major gripe and that would be the gas mileage while pulling the HTT.
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    School me on Disney World CGs

    There are obviously many opinions regard the whole Disney package. I will add my [2C]. We went to the Fort the first week of December 2013. We spent about $3700 for 3 'adults' (included kids over 10) and 2 children for the campground, park tickets (7 days) and dining plan. We spend about...