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    Still Cranking a pop-up?

    Did a test when 62. Long trip from Michigan to the Southwest for a month. Thought I was getting too old packing up an moving every few days. Had no problems. The next year we decided to go to the darkside and bought a small class C. Didn't buy the MH because too old for the pop-up but decided to...
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    Twice for hurricanes. Once in Maine and once in Maryland. Closed it up and moved to a hotel and a BNB to weather the storm.
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    Let's Talk About Sleeping In a Pup

    Both pop-up we owned had really poor bed cushions. First one had all new upholstery made by a professional. Sleep better than at home. Second pop-up I experimented with layering different densities of foam from a foam distributor. Thick high density on the bottom with egg crate foam on top of...
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    Had a Coleman pop-up for 25 years. Replaced because a spring broke and could not source one before vacation started. Disappointed that pop-up got much heavier than they used to. First one was about 900 lbs. Second one was slightly bigger and was about 1800 lbs. Too many drawers, counters and...
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    How far have you towed your camper for a trip?

    In 31 years in a pop-up based in Michigan we have traveled to Maine every other year, been to Yellowstone, Glacier NP, Yosemite, Florida many times and all over the South West. Many shorter trips also. Never had a flat tire :-)
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    Gone to the dark side

    Checking back in after a long time. We miss to pop-up. Camped all over the US in a pop-up for 31 years. The 22' class C is great but prefer being in a pop-up at the campsite.
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    Any amateur radio operators here?

    AC8ND Use 70cm/2m mostly. Local repeaters, 146.52 simplex, D-Star 089C and APRS. Skywarn, Emergency communications support for marathons, Emergency communications backup for police department. Also use FRS radios for autocross club communications.
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    How Do You Make Coffee (The Juice Of Life)

    Have on just like that. Replaced a different brand we had for 20 years. French press is the way to go.
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    battery life?

    Had a 2009 Coleman Santa Fe. Group 31 AGM Battery. Refrigerator could run on propane without 12VDC. Manual light hot water heater. Water pump. LED lights. First noticed that converter used some power with everything turned off. Installed a marine battery shut off switch. When not using 12VDC...
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    Gone to the dark side

    Not my pictures or my exact unit (stole off the internet). Anyway, has just about a full size couch that is electric. Press the switch and it moves flat then you lower a queen size Murphy bed. Full size separate shower. Solar cell on roof. Propane generator. Went on an 8,000 mile 4 week trip to...
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    Last year vacationed in Maine. Brought a mobile 2m/70cm 50 watt, a few HT's and a scanner. Listened to the lobster boats. Found a ham testing a brand new repeater with his friends and I gave a call a surprised them. They didn't expect someone would hear their testing and give out a call...
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    Amateur Radio Operators?

    Took all three exams the same day a few years ago. Got interested because of radios used in auto racing. Still concentrate on 2m/70cm and not much HF. On APRS every day. D-Star several times a week. D-Star is a blast. Can talk to people all over the world with an HT. Provide communications...
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    Gone to the dark side

    Well, after camping in a pop-up for the last 31 years, decided to go to the dark side. Planning a trip from Michigan to the Pacific Northwest and felt that the Subaru TV with 170,000 miles may be getting to old for the trip. Have been lusting for years at class B RV's. Well at the last minute...
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    Keeping rodents out

    No problems at our house.
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    4 cylinders tow vehicle

    I tow a Coleman Santa Fe with a 2004 Subaru Forester XT and a 2005 Subaru Outback Sport (Impeza). The Forester has 170,000 miles on it and has towed the pup from Michigan to Maine many times. Towed to the Southwest up to Yosemite. Towed to Florida many times. Plan to tow from Michigan to the...
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    Over 100 nights camped in the pup!!

    Our 2009 Coleman Santa Fe we have about 260 days. Our 1985 Coleman Newport had about 850 days.
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    Subaru outback towing.

    I have been towing a 1900 lb. pup with a Subaru Forester and Subaru Impreza since 2009. Before that we towed a 1000 lb. pup. Both Subaru's have a manual transmissions. The 2004 Forester (turbo) has 165,000 miles and the 2005 Impreza has 134,000 miles. The trailer does have brakes which I...
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    Bearing buddy install

    I did the same thing and traveled all over the country for 25 years and never had a problem. I would jack up before a long trip and check for freedom of rotation and too much free play when rocking vertically.
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    Charge battery with converter or charger

    I use a CTEK MUS 4.3 also. Works much better than the Schumacher unit it replaced.
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    E-Z Lube hub

    My theory is that the more you take things apart and put them back together, the greater the chance you have of messing up the re-assembly or contaminating with dirt or sand. I had a 1985 Coleman that I put bearing buddy on and checked the bearings by spinning and side to side and top to bottom...