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    Electric lift not responding

    No hidden fuse. That's not the entire harness, but I disassembled it already, and I'm not motivated to recreate it.
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    Electric lift not responding

    It wouldn't work when I touched the wires directly to a known good battery, with no load on the motor. It's toast.
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    Electric lift not responding

    The wires are hard-lined in to the motor. No terminals on the motor itself. I could have taken the motor apart, I suppose, but I just gave up on it. Maybe I'll get it rebuilt, but with no manual crank option, I think I won't.
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    Electric lift not responding

    I do own and understand a multimeter. I guess I got a little lazy on troubleshooting, but I knew I had voltage at the battery.
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    Electric lift not responding

    Well, I removed everything from the system except for the motor and the wires coming straight out of it (i.e., removed the switches, terminals, etc.), and manually touched it to the battery terminals in my truck. Still no motion from the motor. I'm declaring it dead. The batt on the camper...
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    Electric lift not responding

    My electric lift isn't responding at all. I pulled the camper out of an embarrassingly long storage (almost a year) and wanted to set it up and check it out before taking it out this weekend. The electric roof lift doesn't do anything. No grinding, no whining, nothing that sounds (or looks)...
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    What is this port for on the side?

    Interesting. I have this port too, and a sep. plug on the roof for the A/C. I bought a separate cord and plugged into another outlet at the campsite. I guess I'll have to look into that port a little closer. The previous owner told me it was for filling up the water tank. I'm glad to know I...
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    Leveling Pup in Sloped Driveway

    Thanks for all the ideas. I think giving my chocks a good tap to snug them up against the wheels will help. I've been letting the tow vehicle "relax" a bit when parking to do the same thing, but last time I only got one wheel snugged. I worry about all the torque on that tongue jack. It's...
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    Outdoor Big Screen Movie Night

    Many phones can run through an MHL cable to HDMI. I download movies to my phone and plug in. (Netflix allows you to download certain movies for later viewing, many DVD purchases include a digital version, etc.) No wifi required!
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    Leveling Pup in Sloped Driveway

    What is gained by using those under the jacks? I don't see how it would add any stability. I've thought about cutting some wood equal to the supplement of the slope angle of my driveway, so that the jacks have something level to rest on. As it is, my driveway slope is such that the jacks want...
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    Looking for manual crank

    We have a 2013 Rockwood Freedom PUP with an electric roof winch. I'm trying to figure out how to manually crank it for when (not if) the electric fails. I expected there to be somewhere to put a socket onto it, but can't see anything. Does anyone have any tips? The pictures I'll attach are of...
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    Winch label
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    Winch overview
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    Winch interior
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    New to PUPs in Texas

    Well, not entirely new. My parents had one when I was a teenager, but that was 30 yrs ago, and I was never responsible for it, I just followed instructions (or maybe I didn't. I'm not telling!) We went tent camping in March, and found out the tents leaked. After spending two nights sleeping...
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    May 2021 - what did you do for your camper?

    If you're talking about the hand dollies with two wheels and a hitch ball, I have one of those as well. I haven't used it for our PUP, as I think it's too heavy to move by hand, certainly up the sloped driveway I would use it for. However, I do use it on my super-light cargo trailer and have...