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    Cheaper grey water alternative?

    I just use a 5 gallon kerosene jug (thats never had kero in it). Was cheap, and easy to carry.
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    transporting firewood on roof of camper?

    Not cheaper than the free wood I have stacked against my back fence line.
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    transporting firewood on roof of camper?

    We're going for 4 days and it'll be in the 30s at night. I can fit about an 8th of a cord in my minivan if I take the front seats out and lay a tarp down and stack carefully, but I wanted to bring more.
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    transporting firewood on roof of camper?

    No ban, I'm staying within the county. And I planned on picking all even length logs and wrapping a wratchet strap around them to hold them to the rack. No more dangerous than using one of those racks that go in a receiver hitch.
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    transporting firewood on roof of camper?

    My pup has the Goshen lift system and a bike rack on the roof. Would it be safe to put a couple armloads of wood on the rack on each side as long as the weight is even and strap it down? My tires and axle can take the weight, just not sure if it would be healthy for the roof. The wood would be...
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    Gas Station Maneuvering ?

    Read your car's manual. I know my van has the same engine as the Honda Pilot, and the Pilot's manual says to run premium when towing. My Odyssey does not say to do that, but I'm going to try it next time to see if I get better towing mileage. Don't worry about gas pumps. Just look for a gas...
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    Campsite as weekend base at local campground

    Is this a private campground? Maybe just ask the owners if you could have a discount if you don't take a site, just use the facilities? They are factoring in wear and tear, electric use, etc, of an RV at that site. Its cheaper for them if you don't.
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    2015 Ohio Fall Rally

    My apologies, but we have to cancel on the rally. I canceled our reservation, so site 37 is open again. I have too much going on at work to be able to take a 3 day weekend, and Jess is starting an internship and her current class she is taking in school is a lot more difficult than she thought...
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    Acronyms - give us a break, please...

    Hey, that's fine. I personally think its a stupid abbreviation. It makes no sense. No one says "Dear Wife" in regular conversation. But if it makes you happy, have fun.
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    2015 Ohio Fall Rally

    ITS AWFULLY FLIPPIN QUIET IN HERE FOR A RALLY THATS HAPPENING IN A MONTH. I personally am pretty darn excited to see all of you! Roths - I owe you a fishing outing. Lets catch some Sauger! Heady - You got my wife excited about adult Juice boxes, and I think you'll see her with some...
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    Acronyms - give us a break, please...

    Not sure, but it really annoys me. Its just a pet peeve. Can you really not take the time to write son, husband, daughter or wife? It seems to be much more of a thing in family friendly places, and I first started noticing it when my wife was pregnant and we were reading sites like What to...
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    Campground Grill

    I have one of these: It folds up and fits under the dinette table when we collapse the camper. I modified it to run on a 20lb tank instead of a 1lb tank, with a new regulator and hose. It works for everything from pancakes and bacon: to Burgers, grilled pizza, all sorts of stuff. I pan...
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    Found out this guy was at the same campground as us this weekend

    Seriously. This isn't going to deter us from camping. I mean, lets be realistic. We've probably came in just as close of contact with a pedophile many other times, at the grocery store, mall, whatever, and never known it. But this was just a bit shocking to see. I used to work with a guy who...
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    Found out this guy was at the same campground as us this weekend

    We went to East Fork State Park, near Cincinnati, this last weekend. Saw this on the news this morning... Isn't that lovely? Same bath houses my 4 year...
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    OH- Rocky Fork State Park

    Yeah, they need to update the smaller toilet houses. And I know what you mean about the muddy bathroom. Its because they set it up so almost everyone walks through the mud/grass to get to it. Its in a stupid location.
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    2015 Ohio Fall Rally

    Indian Lake may be the next time we have a chance to go camping. I'm swamped with work and house stuff right now. I have to get my metal roof painted before winter, and a few other big projects done, while the weather is still nice.
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    Just say NO!

    That sucks, man. And I know that feeling. my rule is, don't loan anything you aren't willing to not get back.
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    2015 Ohio Fall Rally

    Wow. Its dead here. No one is excited about this rally?
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    Ball Mount Question

    I have a very similar one that I use upside down, to keep the camper level with hitched to my minivan. However, instead of pins, mine came with bolts with locknuts on it.
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    question about KOA Gettysburg, PA and alcohol policy

    Almost every campground I've been in has a no alcohol policy. Its so they can easily kick you out IF you are causing problems. Just don't cause problems. If I don't have a lot of privacy, I pour my beer into a cup. Same for any booze. We keep the liquor bottles inside the camper or in the...