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  1. mnthntr

    1995 Flagstaff by Cobra 822 Popup, Buena Vista, CO

    Hello I am very interested. Please call me i sent a PM
  2. mnthntr

    Popup lift system wanted

    I just OderEd parts for complete rebuild from Goshen directly. Cable was 41.76, pulley was 30.00, springs were 60.00 a set and tie bars 2.00, ordered on Thursday, came this morning/
  3. mnthntr

    Did I do something to my roof?

    Could have been that your weight caused the foam and adhesive to seperate. Makes a sound like that. The factories use a two part adhesive which when dry its pretty hard. When its pulled apart it sounds like something breaking. Check your inside, if it looks okay. Then should be good. Just watch...
  4. mnthntr

    roof rebuild help

    Good point on the plywood. Hadnt thought of that. And it has the standard old palimino exterior lift arms and they do bolt to the side wall. Thanks for the input. What other option can i use othrr than the rubber if its too much $$$?
  5. mnthntr

    roof rebuild help

    Hello all After a litle closer look at the roof on our ntu 1982 Palimino. I discoverd that not only are the side boards of the roof bad(which I knew when we bought it) But the metal on top has bad spots along the edge that allowed water to rot out the roof frame. So i have decided to rebuild the...