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  1. cma7777

    Hybrid's and storage

    We have a Jayco 23b. It has the most storage space of any hybrid I have seen. We run out of storage space simple because we take to much junk camping. The size of this hybrid is perfect for us. I just need reevaluate what we take.
  2. cma7777

    Hot Water ain't so hot

    We had the same problem with our new to us HHT. I found that the previous owner left the bypass half way open mixing cold water with the hot.
  3. cma7777

    PUP To Hybrid Reduced Setup and Packing?

    I switched from a pup to a hybrid a few years ago for more storage room and a quick setup. What I found is with more storage room, I take more junk to setup. So, my setup time basically is the same.
  4. cma7777

    Replacing the dinette table

    Good luck Popiworks. I need to do the same and hope to learn from your experience.
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    I've been away from the Portal for the better part of two years. I recently started lurking around without signing in. When I finally signed in, I realized that I had several messages that I never responded to. I'm very sorry for not getting back to any of them. I was at the point that I allowed...
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    Trying to decide on camping kitchen

    We have this for a sink and love it. It travels in the HTT shower when not setup at the campsite.
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    I have been old instant grits works. They eat them and it expands in them killing them.
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  9. cma7777

    Replacing screw-type latches for cargo style

    They are on sale now for $19.95 each.
  10. cma7777

    Member Post Count Reset

    My demotion from Eagle Camper to Life Camper tells me I should quit posting altogether.
  11. cma7777

    Member Post Count Reset

    Ouch. Mine was nearly cut in half.
  12. cma7777

    Guys Only Camping Trips

    Each year I take my two DS and one friend each as well as my dad camping at Myrtle Beach. All six of us have a great time. We spend all week fishing, riding bikes, and bonding.
  13. cma7777

    Made it to the "Grey" side....

    Congratulations! I think you are going to love that shade of gray. [:D]
  14. cma7777

    I named my Hybrid.......

    I am looking for a name for our Jayco 23B Hybrid and need a little help. Do you have a name for your hybrid? If so, what is it?
  15. cma7777

    New Member

    Welcome from Thomasville NC!
  16. cma7777

    Hello from Southport NC

    Welcome from Thomasville NC!
  17. cma7777

    Heading to Florida

    That sounds like a fun trip. I cant wait for your review. We have been wanting to go camping in Florida but just cant seem to find the time.
  18. cma7777

    Slippery cushions

    Thats a good idea!
  19. cma7777

    Roo 21SSL on the East Coast?

    It took us about two years to find a good used Jayco 23B. After looking for a long time all of the sudden three appeared on Craigslist at one time.
  20. cma7777

    Repairing my Coleman roof

    I only had to apply two coats but I did not remove all of the ABS. I patched the cracks with MEEK as best I could and the applied the Grizzle Grip.