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    Considering Switching to A-Frame

    I had a small Rockwood tent trailer and went to an A-frame Chalet. I'm happy I did since it is almost always just me in the trailer and others in a tent and the tent trailer was just getting to be too much work setting up/taking down alone as I've gotten older. I have the smallest trailer and...
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    California dmv registration question

    I am also paying full registration fees but I have a tiny a-frame popup. From what I see on, it seems we are both overpaying. I'm going to schedule an...
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    12v Battery Assistance

    Terminals are clean and tight. I attached the charger cables directly to the battery, positive first, negative next and then plugged in. Thanks for the link to the power port.
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    12v Battery Assistance

    I'm not really testing, I'm plugging in the 15A charger which normally reads the current charge and then increases as it charges. It is not installed backwards as it was working in the same position last trip. I'll check this. Not sure where the fuse panel is but there has to be one.
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    12v Battery Assistance

    I've been reading everything I can find on how to charge and maintain my Chalet's battery but it might as well be a foreign language. I bought a new to me small Chalet a-frame last year. I don't have a heater and I removed the refrigerator so I pretty much just use the battery for the interior...
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    Adding table bracket on external aliner body

    I'm thinking about doing something similar with my Chalet. Do you have any pictures?
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    How to know if my trailer has electic brakes

    I have a Chalet LTW which I went and looked at after reading this discussion. I have the little box with the cable that I attach to my TV but I connect with a 6 pin round connector not a 7 so my brakes aren't connected. Do I need to change this out for the breakaway cable to work?
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    Tire question

    Love all the suggestions here. I hope you can give me some info too. I have a new to me Chalet LTW. What do I need to do for tire/wheel maintenance? Obviously tire pressure but when I went to get air at the tire store, I asked and he just said, they look good to me. Thanks in advance for...