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  1. ValerieD

    Are the rally’s a thing of the past?

    I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but if you're on Facebook I belong to a group Pacific North west (PNW) camping group and we have a rally planned in May in Garibaldi. Come check it out.
  2. ValerieD

    Silver Falls SP trip

    Sounds wonderful! I just booked our first trip for next spring at Silver Falls. The last time we were there we had a downpour and most of us tent campers. We left after one night. So glad to have the pop-up this time.! Makes all the difference in the world.
  3. ValerieD


    The last time we were out we did two things differently and did not experience the swaying. First, our water tank is just behind the wheels on the left side. We didn't take any water. Second, we loaded the extras (Blackstone, easy up, etc) towards the back of the pickup bed putting more weight...
  4. ValerieD

    2022 Presidents Weekend Campout, Anza Borrego Desert SP

    Would love to help plan one but don't know where to start.
  5. ValerieD

    End of summer NV rally

    Did you have a good time? Any other pups show up? I'd love to plan a rally but we're in Oregon.
  6. ValerieD


    I've seen the above video and it's pretty scary, but I think we're loading correctly. Our tires were new last fall. Under1000 miles
  7. ValerieD


    Our pup has12 inch tires which my husband blames for the fact that we can't go over 58 mph without it starting to sway. We've got most of the weight loaded to the front and it travels level. Is that probably the cause or is there something else causing it. It's a Viking 2109 being pulled by a...
  8. ValerieD

    Foam factory mattress cover

    We just received our new mattress today. What has everyone who purchased from Foam Factory doing to cover it? I thought we could reuse the original cover but now I'm not so sure.
  9. ValerieD

    Viking owners

    That is scary! If by chance you change your mind on repairing it, I could use some of those door parts. We have a 2012 Viking 2109 with a broken door frame. On the side opposite the hinge the little plastic tab that connects the top to the bottom has broken off. And that side of the frame is...
  10. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Maybe. [:D] Several people said an RV battery was just the opposite of a typical auto battery. ??
  11. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    My husband's instinct was correct. The bigger, white wire was grounded to the trailer frame, so it had to go on the negative. The pink one that didn't show well in my photo had to be positive. The others are incidental.
  12. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Finally! With all of your help and my husband's gut we were able to popup and connect the battery and SUCCESS!. We had power! So exciting. Thanks everyone.
  13. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Why is this so difficult? Somewhere someone said RV batteries were different than a car battery and they connect opposite of a car battery. Is that true? I'm pretty sure the pink wire is positive and should be connected to the positive terminal. And the white one bolted to the frame is negative...
  14. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Hi. I'm back with a picture. The white wire with the pink collar is bolted to the frame. The pink wire with the yellow collar goes under the trailer and has an inline fuse. How should they attach to the battery?
  15. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Hi, guys. I'm back. Still getting backlash from my husband. His specific question right now is "does the white ground wire go from the negative/black terminal on the battery to the frame" Then red and black on positive?
  16. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Well, unfortunately the battery is in storage right now. Husband says black is negative, which is hooked onto the tongue and has a 7.5 amp fuse. There is a white wire from positive on battery grounded on frame of trailer. There is a pink wire from positive thru the trailer which had a blown 20...
  17. ValerieD

    Zipper issue

    Good tip. Does soap work.?
  18. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    Yeah. Nothing. It all works when attached to the TV.
  19. ValerieD

    RESOLVED: No power when on battery

    My husband reseated that fuse after I took this picture. Maybe it's still not in right