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    New Member/New Pup

    Welcome... FYI... my honey was flaborgasted when she saw I had put better frying pans in our camper than she has in the house! I just smiled and said camping is # 1 baby! :)
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    raising the roof, how high?

    The door is the key... the canvas can be a bit loose... a trick we used before the newer campers came with a max height cable on one corner was that once we figured out where it needed to be... we would use a Sharpie and draw a line on the post so when we raised it next time we knew when to stop!
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    New Pup Owner having issues

    Should be an access panel on outside of camper behind fridge. It will have switch that shows your options: i.e. 110, 12V or propane. There will also be a place to light the pilot light for the propane option there... you may need to use a lighter/clicker... often the button clicker with flint do...
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    TT -- is it really an upgrade?

    Wow! What a long thread with so many varying opinions. We started in 07 with a small tent... then a bigger tent... then a small PUP and then a large PUP with a slideout. However, last spring my honey decided we needed something way easier to set up and take down. We shopped and found a TT that...
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    Good grief this is big

    Nice... we went to a TT last summer and love it! 2015 Outback Terrain 245TBH... do miss being able to unzip all the windows in the PUP and feel like we are in the open air with no bugs... but we do love our new unit!
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    Camping Withdrawal - how many of us feel this way?

    Always go through camping WD this time of year.... but we have had an easy winter until this week... it was mild all winter and we even opened up camper xmas day! But the deep freeze has descended upon us this week... seemingly amplifying WD.... 5 months to go! :/
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    Hello from MN

    Where abouts in MN are you? Great deal for $150! Some new canvas and looks like you will be in a great rig!
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    Georgia tent campers made the leap!

    Welcome from Minnesota! Our camping season is just about done!
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    Post purchase experience

    I wonder how much money a person could make selling a good quality RV that is not made with shoddy and poor workmanship! Just a thought... We had the same experience with our new PUP and are now going through it with our new TT... just no limit to the poor workmanship.
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    Being robbed in the campground

    Locks don't really matter in a PUP. So camping in a PUP is like living in a small town where you nevet lock your doors.
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    One more door setup thread

    Are you original owner? Someone may have used stabilizer jacks to level trailer and twisted the frame... if everything is not square the door will not fit properly.
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    Working under the popup

    I guess I am lucky... our camper has fairly high tires and there is plenty of room to work underneath safely. [PU]
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    What about Pop Up Insurance?

    We had to put insurance on as per our loan. It is very reasonable. Around $10/month. I am not sure about mouse or bear coverage. I have heard others say the mice got in and chewed their canvas up bad and were not covered... not sure about bear invasions.... check with your insurance agent. But...
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    Hi! Getting a free 89 coleman Williamsburg worth it???

    When you looked at it did he have it set up? Then would be the time to assess how badly damaged it is... and then decide if it is worth fixing. You can often patch canvas and screens. If roof is not restorable I would walk away. [PU]
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    Let the camping begin!

    What make and model was the one you sold? [HY] [PU]
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    New Camper Here

    Welcome from Minnesota (DW) and NW Ontario (me)! I was just going to say Palomino is making a Basecamp model like that today! [PU]
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    Homemade leveling thing-a-ma-bob

    Neat! Way easier than a BAL leveler... I may have to make one of these! [PU]
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    Normal wear for a 2008? (how fast do pups deteriorate?)

    you can sand and paint latches. If black is on outside you should be able to clean it fairly easily. good luck!
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    What is camping.. Pictures ONLY!