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  1. SgtRon

    Can I pull a 2700Lb Hybrid TT with a Minivan?

    Not, unless you have a death wish! DON'T DO IT!!
  2. SgtRon

    Planning to remove stove and sink - any tips?

    We did that in our Starcraft, sink and stove were wasted space so I removed them both and replaced with an unobstructed countertop. This provided more than adequate space for food prep inside (salads and such) while i cooked steaks or what-ever, outside. As Steve said, be sure to cap off any...
  3. SgtRon

    AC installation in front storage box. Thoughts?

    Because there is no insulation in a tent camper, you not only have the humidity to deal with, but also the entropy of camper canvas. I've found that 10,000 or 15,000 but is required to keep interior comfortable (I'm in Florida, so my situation may not be totally representing to yours)
  4. SgtRon

    Pre-purchase regret?? Advice needed please

    What you are going thru is called "buyers remorse", it's pretty common with most purchases of significant outlay. My advice: don't second guess yourself, just go out and enjoy. Sure, there will be challenges (there always are), just face them head on and push forward. My wife has a delightful...
  5. SgtRon

    Do you use the pre-installed stovetop, or do you cook inside at all?

    We had similar thoughts on our pup. We had a gas range that could be used inside or out. With counter space at a premium in pups, we decided to remove the interior gas lines entirely. We use a little ceramic heater in the old LP heater slot, replaced the 3 way fridge with a 110vac apartment...
  6. SgtRon

    Dometic RM 7401 cooling issues - need ideas I am at my wits end

    The 3 way fridges have never lived up to minimum standards in my opinion. I finally got fed up enough to tear the damned thing out and replaced it with an apartment 110vac fridge (we never wilderness camp, so LP and 12vdc operation was never part of the equation anyway). Now we load up the...
  7. SgtRon

    My wife destroyed the counter top this weekend

    Be sure to use marine grade plywood, it'll cost a few bucks more but it will be with it.
  8. SgtRon

    Fridge on Propane

    We constantly fought with our 3-way fridge, it seemed there was always something. We had to ask ourselves,do we ever really camp in areas that dont have electric available? No, the only time we use the propane function is when we're on the road. So we decided to rip out the 3 way and put in an...
  9. SgtRon

    Refrigerator Best Practices? Brrrrr...

    We had a Dometic 3 way in our tent camper, it seemed to work well in the spring and fall, but really sucked in the summer. I ended up a installing circulation fan on the inside of the vent plate cover.This made a big difference for us.
  10. SgtRon

    Do you sleep with the awning up?

    Always lower one corner for drainage at all times, unless you're using it, especially if you're leaving for the day or going to sleep for the night. Freak rainstorms can destroy your awning (and they aren't cheap). Another trick we used to do is to bring sandbags to weigh down the awning poles...
  11. SgtRon

    Camping weather?

    When I was younger, weather meant very little in my decision to camp or not, but as I've gotten older, I must admit that weather has held a high position on my decision scale.
  12. SgtRon

    Looking for a portable potty.

    We had a portable one that worked just fine, but a separate "potty" tent was not allowed at some campgrounds, I ended up building an enclosure within our pup for it. It was a godsend for those middle-of-the-night necessities.
  13. SgtRon

    Drill used for raising the roof

    You have fried your drill. Some of the things that you should have been told, it should be a brushless type drill, it should have a high torque setting, never use in the hammer mode, the is a minimum amount of torque that is required (I don't remember the number, but you can google it).
  14. SgtRon

    Converting heater from LP to elec

    Has anyone replaced the LP heater in their pup with an electric one? Using a propane heater goes thru the LP bottle pretty quick, I'd like to save my LP for cooking. This is the one I've been looking at.
  15. SgtRon

    Laminant cutting

    I tried that stupid pee bottle, I made a mess in the dark....NEVER AGAIN! Besides, that didn't help my dw at her times of need.
  16. SgtRon

    RV furnace troubles

    I'm not comfortable working with LP, I'll leave that to a pro.
  17. SgtRon

    RV furnace troubles

    I hear a " click" which i assume is the igniter attempting to light
  18. SgtRon

    Laminant cutting

    As stated previously, this head would only be used for the zero dark-thirty pee runs. The facility will be sealed up during the day, presenting a perfectly normal countertop. When it's time to hit the rack, the head will be opened and available for use, in the dark, for it's elderly owners. The...

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