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  1. davido

    Question about 12v refrigerator and Rockwood 1640LTD

    Though a 12v only fridge may be (1) simpler to operate, (2) less maintenance, (3) faster cooling than a 3-way fridge, putting one in a popup or aliner seems like a huge step backwards. I carry two propane tanks, and two Group 24 batteries. I also have one 100w solar panel. If there were no...
  2. davido

    Question about 12v refrigerator and Rockwood 1640LTD

    I've never heard of an RV with a 12v only fridge. Is there a model number plate somewhere on the fridge so that we can look at the specifications? If it is a 12v only fridge, it's going to be a considerable load within your overall 12v energy budget. So much so, that you will find it hard to...
  3. davido

    What Items Do You Have Multiples Of (At Home & On The Road)

    I could charge all of my USB-C charged devices at once and still have a couple more chargers.
  4. davido

    Pop Ups versus Campgrounds?

    I've camped at a dozen commercial campgrounds, including some pretty high end places, and have never found them to disallow popup campers. That isn't to say there aren't some that require you to pull up in a nearly new high-end travel trailer, 5th wheel, or Class A. But I just haven't come...
  5. davido

    Solar Panel Question

    Many do mount their panels on their roofs using brackets that require drilling. Sealing the holes is really important. They're usually using silicon caulking. There are flexible panels, flat on the bottom that can be glued to the roof with an adhesive, avoiding the need to put holes up there...
  6. davido

    My tow rig...

    Every year may be excessive, though years have nothing to do with miles traveled, and at what load. I had my bearing inspected last year and found that for one wheel they were signs of scoring that would eventually lead to failure. Replaced, packed, good to go. That was after six years of use...
  7. davido

    Battery is nice and cozy inisde the house

    Are you supposed to keep Lithium Ion batteries fully charged? I thought that applies to AGM and Lead Acid, but for Lithium you store them in a somewhat discharged state for longest lifespan. The best storage method, as determined by extensive experimentation, is to store them at a low...
  8. davido


    Buying a used bike really is about knowing what you're looking for. Look at the categories of bikes on manufacturer websites; you want to plan for where you intend to do 90% of your riding. If that's on the road, then a road bike, road endurance (road comfort), or hybrid typically. But do that...
  9. davido

    Portable work/craft stations?

    The table and sofa are fine for me. All I need is somewhere to put my laptop; a table, or my lap. By way of equipment: Laptop, charger, earbuds, travel mouse, travel router, and my computer glasses since my eyes are getting old.
  10. davido

    12 Volt timer switch?

    This is correct.... except that inverters are about 85% efficient usually. So the maximum output based on 20A input will be about 204w, or 1.7A at 120vac. Additionally, the timer itself should never be wired on the 12v side of the inverter without a fuse protecting its relay, since the...
  11. davido

    12 Volt timer switch?

    You just described an inverter. The OP asked about an inverter. If the OP meant to say converter, he should post a correction. Otherwise we're talking about an inverter. It wasn't until later in the thread that someone confused inverter and converter. ...unless I missed him correcting himself to...
  12. davido

    New Here

    Put your trailer make/model/year and your tow vehicle make/model/year into your signature line for your posts, so that people have some context. It can be helpful. Welcome, and enjoy camping.
  13. davido

    Solar power chargers for cellphones

    Solar is not great for charging cell phones, tablets, and GPSs. Solar has to be laid out flat, in good sunlight, and left to run for many hours; all day even. Phones, GPSs, and tablets want to be used, and every time you need them charging will be disrupted. I would probably bring one or two...
  14. davido

    Outside Camp Kitchen

    If you add up the components of these prefab solutions the price isn't that crazy. My setup isn't self-contained, but it did add up: Camp Chef Yukon 14" 2-burner stove: $175, I think. Cover for stove: $30 Grill box for stove: $129 Pizza oven for stove: $129 Griddle for stove: $79 Carrying bags...
  15. davido

    Small pump for shower

    An inexpensive bilge pump from a marine store such as West Marine will do the trick. Bilge pumps shouldn't clog easily; they're designed for reliability so that the boat doesn't sink. No need for a fancy automatic bilge pump; just put a cig plug on it and run it by extension off of your 12v cig...
  16. davido

    Blackstone, bbq’s or campfire cooking?

    I have a 2-burner 14" style Camp Chef stove. They come in 1, 2, or 3 burner, in 14" or 16" depths. For my CampChef, I have a matching griddle designed to fit the stove. They make a 1-burner and a 2-burner griddle. I prefer the single. I also have the Pizza Oven accessory, which is useful for...
  17. davido

    So how long CAN you leave a 7-way connector plugged into your TV?

    Took longer to ask than to unplug 20 times. Just unplug it. I leave it plugged in when I stop for food and fuel, even if I'm running the 3-way fridge on 12v. But if I'm stopped for more than 45 minutes, I unplug it. It's easier to deal with a dead RV battery than a dead tow vehicle, so why risk...
  18. davido

    What spices do you carry for healthier cooking?

    Look for Coghlan's Multi-Spice, and Coghlan's Multi-Grill. These are shakers that contain 6 (for multi-spice) and 4 (for multi-grill) segments. Each segment contains either one spice, or a blend of spices. They're really convenient for camping. The multi-spice has salt, pepper, curry, garlic...
  19. davido

    2WD with auto locking differential?

    I've never needed 4WD towing. Never needed locking rear diff, towing either. I tow with a heavy-a$$ 1995 Bronco XLT 5.8L V8. It has 4WD, and I use that a lot in snow and in moderate off-road conditions while camping (but not towing). But I've never been in a situation where I've been tempted to...

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