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    Older jayco parts needed

    Cunningham campers ordered my door and jayco built it and shipped it directly to me.
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    Camping with kids

    I understand this 100%!! This was my youngest when we were doing the roof rebuild. [/URL]
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    No kidding, I am ready for it to be warm again. Now just need to get the lift system fixed in the next week or so!
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    So, what did you do for your camper, February 2015

    Tore into the lift system, getting it fixed after the last trip last year. Parts list keeps growing [:(!]
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    Doing away with 110 completely.....

    Other than re-selling it I would agree with you if your going to be doing all boon docking. If your converter is still good, I wonder if you can just splice into it as well so you can keep the 110?
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    Really excited to finally get our new to us tow vehicle! We can actually ride in one vehicle when we go camping!!! [PUC] [PUT] [:D]
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    Well Crap, here we go again

    It is the same spring, When I pulled it out the track is bent about a quarter of an inch so I do not know where the fail point is. The spring looks like it was only an inch or so in the track when it failed. So looks like I will start my parts list and replace it all and hope that it does not...
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    Well Crap, here we go again

    Well, it's been a couple months since our last trip and just now getting around to posting what happened when I was tearing down. As I was putting the roof down, I heard a pop in the front right corner started to come down on me. After I yelled for one of my friends that we were camping want to...
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    Are the cables supposed to look like this?

    I am battling with this issue as well. Have you had anymore problems? Also did you replace the main cable or just add the big eye bolt?
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    Camping with kids

    The other day when I was on the Facebook group for pop up camper owners I read a status that keeps going through my mind. It said to cherish any time that you get to expose your kids to camping and enjoy it. I started to think of our journey and all the reasons why I purchased a basket case like...
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    Are the cables supposed to look like this?

    so have you had anymore twisting problems?
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    1996 Jayco 1207KB resurrection Pic Intense

    No, looking at hybrids. I would love to keep her but just limited on storage room. Plus with 3 girls I really need a bathroom. I also go with just the kids a lot and it would make it nice to have less set up and tear down. Trust me I poured blood sweat and tears into it.
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    1996 Jayco 1207KB resurrection Pic Intense

    [PUC]thanks guys, been kind of a ghost on the portal for a few months due to work, but sitting here watching the wind blow at the campsite for the last trip of the season. We are thinking of putting the ol girl up for sale. We are needing more room so on and so on. So if anyone might be...
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    Post The Most Unusual Photo...

    Lol, that's funny
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    Where are you cruising the portal at?

    Very interested what campground this is?
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    Favorite Pie Iron recipes?

    Might have to try the biscuit and gravy this weekend!
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    Matresses and curtains, good prices. Curtains we made our own.
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    Dutch oven

    Lmao [LOL] [LOL] [LOL] That's funny!
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    Dutch oven

    Ok, I am going with a 12" 8 qt, so legs or no legs, any advantages or disadvantages?