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  1. exploreco

    New to me 2007 Rockwood 2514G

    Enjoy your new camper. We have thoroughly enjoyed our 2514G too! Had many great memories in it. When we saw it we knew it was the one. Yes, bring on the warmer weather!! We are ready for camping.
  2. exploreco

    How many nights?

    6 nights so far with several more planed and hopefully some others in between.
  3. exploreco

    Checkout My New Rig

    Nice new rig!
  4. exploreco

    5th Annual 2017 Illinois Spring Rally Potluck Thread

    Yes, I echo what plainsman said. Always great food at the rallies, and this was no different! We have some great cooks/bakers amongest us.
  5. exploreco

    Anyone use a 5 gallon water bottle for grey water?

    I will be picking the camper up from storage this week for camping soon. I will take some close up pictures. It is basically an elbow pcv pipe and a piece of drain pipe cut to length.
  6. exploreco

    Anyone use a 5 gallon water bottle for grey water?

    If I remember correctly on our first camper, we didn't even use a hose, we just opened it up and put a bucket underneath and let it come out. On this one, the drain is on the main side of the camper, and is up much higher. On one of our camping rallies a gentleman had a similar Rockwood and...
  7. exploreco

    Anyone use a 5 gallon water bottle for grey water?

    This is the 5 gallon jug I use.
  8. exploreco

    5th Annual 2017 Illinois Spring Rally Potluck Thread

    We will bring maidrites or sloppy joes with buns.
  9. exploreco

    2018 Rockwood H277

    Enjoy your new camper!
  10. exploreco

    New member

    Welcome from Central IL. Good job on the camper! Enjoy
  11. exploreco

    Our rig

    Great looking camper!
  12. exploreco

    "New" ForestRiver first thoughts!

    I have driven through many heavy rains with mine 2014 and it looks the same as the day I bought it. I read someone to not coat them with anything as someone said as it will trap in moisture and you will have issues. Mine is sprayed with a light black coating, as I am sure all are so I assume...
  13. exploreco

    5th annual Illinois Fall Rally - October 6-8

    When the Great Lakes Pop Up Club met last summer at Comlara Park, that is what they did. Bought it locally. I believe the person they bought it from actually came out and delivered it to the site. Now, they had some people there all week long, so someone was there to accept the delivery. I...
  14. exploreco

    5th annual Illinois Fall Rally - October 6-8

    We booked site F5. Friday through Monday.
  15. exploreco

    Forest River Rockwood 2318G - odometer

    Not a way to tell that I know of. I would have liked to know for myself, but didn't want to take the time to keep track every time we went on a trip here or there. I can just guesstimate based on where we go each year and be pretty close.
  16. exploreco

    How many times have you read your owners manual?

    Read the whole thing when we got the camper and refer to it as needed. Actually pulled it out the other day for something. I also read the entire OM of my cars too.
  17. exploreco

    Can't find the water filter - Rockwood 2318G

    My 2014 Rockwood Premier has an actual filter that goes into a clear plastic canister. Mine is under my inside storage bench, right by the water pump. Attached to the wall. If you have one, and based on the year of camper, I would suspect you do, I would look around the water pump. Mine is a...
  18. exploreco

    Headed out- later gator :-)

    From what I have read, if we want to post photo's from our we have to get a photo resizing app to make them smaller. There was a thread I found that in when I searched how to post pictures just into the regular forum. Needed to get a resizer for the computer and phone. Haven't got one for the...
  19. exploreco

    Hi from Central Florida

    Welcome from Central IL! Enjoy!
  20. exploreco

    Hello from San Antonio

    Welcome from Central IL! Great score you got!