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    Digital thermostat recommendation

    I replaced the bi-metal thermostat in our Freedom Express with this digital thermo with a back lit screen, making it much easier to see & adjust it when it's dark. Honeywell RTH5100B
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    Generator Noise

    Only in standing air ... use a fan (as I did) to draw air into the box, through the genset case, then out and genset temps regulate to the same average temperature as it would standing in free air. I've personally confirmed this myself with a thermometer, just don't have any pics as I never...
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    Generator Noise

    Not true at all as my own Honda EU2000i noise control box proves. ;) Pics and videos start here. Click on "i" at the top right of any pic (or video) for a text description. How quiet depends on how many $$$ one is willing to put into the project and whether one has the means to double enclose...
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    Suggestions for going to the bathroom

    Your Camco is a portable toilet i.e. "porta potti", not a cassette toilet which is permanently mounted in the trailer and has a removable waste tank accessed either from outside the trailer or via an interior cabinet door. Two entirely different animals but serve the same purpose. :p Camco...
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    No lights on shore power

    Same as my 2000 Santa Fe - 1141 bulb with a BA15S base.
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    wiring wfco 8725

    Not "plugs" but rather duplex receptacles - plugs are male, receptacles are female. And of course they'd work as your converter has absolutely no control over the trailer's 120 vac system - it's just merely a convenient place to mount the 120 vac breakers as incoming source power has to be fed...
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    Hauling water

    Your Fleetwood Utah has a 20 gal underfloor fresh water tank so along with 6 gals in the water heater tank your total capacity is just 26 gals.
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    High pressure Tee

    Here's a link to this Add-a-Tee.
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    High pressure Tee

    Just as I did myself yrs ago with our 2000 Santa Fe, allowing me to power both the camper's high pressure exterior stove and my Weber Q grill simultaneously. [A]
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    1997 Coleman Niagara Roof Swap with 2001 Utah

    Superb idea, just what I did 20 yrs ago with our then new 2000 Santa Fe. Click on "i" at the top right of any pic for a text description.
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    tim h

    A 2001 Fleetwood would have a DSI (Direct Spark Ignition) furnace and therefore doesn't have a pilot flame to light.
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    Auto lift failure

    Having participated in online forums for 20 yrs I'd say that more owners of power lift systems than not have had theirs fail. [:(!] Using a cordless drill to raise / lower a manual lift system solves the issue nicely. :)
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    Roof not lifting high enough for door

    Yes - go here and download the appropriate Fleetwood lift system repair guide so you can edumacate yourself about how your lift system is designed to work. :)
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    question about light bulbs in `99 Utah

    Your 1999 Utah would have 1141 bulbs with a BA15S base.
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    Need help picking a new generator

    Nope. Equip your A/C with a Micro-Air EasyStart soft starter and your EU2200i will readily start & run that A/C. And why are you running your "mini fridge" on 120 vac when you should be running it on propane whenever you're not camping on an electric site? [?:~{]
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    Fix cracked plastic?!?

    Your '99 Santee has ABS end panels which would eventually crack - it's the reason Fleetwood later switched to using TPO instead.
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    Newbie Campers - Our next nest!

    Welcome to the forum! [:D] Drop by my 2000 Santa Fe gallery for ideas you might want to implement with your 2001 Santa Fe. :)
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    Is this Vinyl or Canvas?

    I don't know of any popup manufacturers that use canvas for tenting these days. In the OP's case her Starcraft tenting is a synthetic material called Aqualon with the tops of the bunk ends and the blue trim being vinyl coated.
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    Third Pole for Awning?

    10' Fleetwood models have a 10' awning with just 2 rafter poles, one for each end but 12' Fleetwood models like your Utah will have 3 poles, one at each end and the third in the centre. None of these poles would be spring loaded so if you have one that is it's not stock.