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  1. J

    Hey from S.FL

    Hello and welcome! Congrats on your pup! Enjoy and happy camping! :)
  2. J

    1000th post and Happy Father's Day

    Congrats on your post and thank you. Lots of good info and tips here to help anyone new to camping! :)
  3. J

    Hi from Florida

    Welcome! Congrats on your pup! Enjoy camping in state parks and the keys. Happy camping! :)
  4. J

    Camper funnel cakes

    Sure have missed seeing your posts! Glad to see your still around! :) Gonna try these. Sure looks good. We went to the fair and had these and tried some red velvet funnel cakes with cream cheese. Both were pretty good!
  5. J

    Howdy from Donna and Rosie in Texas

    Welcome! sounds like quite the adventure, enjoy!
  6. J

    Greetings from South Ga!

    Welcome! Congrats on your pup! Happy camping!
  7. J

    Hi from sunny Florida

    Hello and welcome! Ft. Desoto Park is on list to go check out.
  8. J

    Our new HTT

    Very nice! Congrats! Great pics of your camper!
  9. J

    Hi from florida

    I clicked the link in your post above and saw the pics. Wow, great pics! Great job!
  10. J

    Jonathon Dickinson State Park

    We camped there in 2004 when the Pine Grove had plenty of trees and shrubs in between each site. When the hurricanes came and destroyed the campground, they leveled it and any trees that were still there and left the park a little rough looking for a couple of years before they did the upgrades...
  11. J

    Hello from Miami

    Welcome! Post pics of any before and after projects. Happy camping.
  12. J

    Hello from S. Florida

    Hello and welcome! Congrats on your pup and good luck on mods.
  13. J

    Hello from Tampa Bay, FL

    Welcome! Good luck on your search!
  14. J

    Hey ya'll from Florida

    Hello and welcome! Good luck on your renovation! Happy camping!
  15. J

    Wekiwa sp.

    Great pics! Hope you have a great time! We like these parks.
  16. J

    Noob in FL

    Hello and welcome! Congrats and good luck on your repairs! Happy camping!
  17. J

    Hello from Florida

    Hello and welcome! State parks are the best to camp at! :)
  18. J

    2nd PUP trip Jan 2-4 - Highlands Hammock SP FL

    Just came back from a great 5 day camping trip. Rained the first day and half and then temps dipped in the 30's to 40's with gradual warming toward the w/e. We did 2 fried turkeys and roasted another and baked a ham with all the sides. Great Thanksgiving day with friends and family. Took the...
  19. J

    2nd PUP trip Jan 2-4 - Highlands Hammock SP FL

    Most of the sites receive good shade. Sites 37 to 52 have less shade than other sites.
  20. J

    2nd PUP trip Jan 2-4 - Highlands Hammock SP FL

    We love this park! We are camping here also, but we will be at another park for this w/e!!!! [:D] [:D] [:D]