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    Moving right along...

    Well, I dont have the wife anymore, but I got my class C!
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    12V not working system when off shore power

    An inline fuse holder is like $4 at AutoZone. Weatherproof cover and all. Don't try to salvage that piece of junk
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    Hidden storage for valuables?

    Disconnect the battery?
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    Hidden storage for valuables?

    I know of at least two instances where someone left their trailer out as base camp for day trips and came back to find the entire thing gone. Nothing is sacred.
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    Dogs and bee stings

    Watch out for fake sweeteners in peanut butter!!! Xylitol (also used in chewing gum) can be fatal to dogs. Shuts down kidneys, total renal failure.
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    What did you do to your TV this month

    Could install a 90° actuator I guess... The point is not to spear someone, but to strike fear into their hearts.
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    What did you do to your TV this month

    Relocated the #murderspork
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    Need advice for Calif West Coast drive.

    Pfeiffer Big Sur and all the state property surrounding it is closed with no projected opening date due to the Soberanes fire.
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    Running lights stopped working

    *facepalm* Neither of those have anything to do with signalling. And it's entirely possible to change the source of power from one RV fixture to another by swapping wires at the source. I think I've said this recently on this forum or another, but you should really Google some electrical...
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    Running lights stopped working

    Then your trailer is wired incorrectly. There should be no fused wires between the trailer receptacle and the light fixtures themselves. The manufacturer is required by law to wire the trailer's signalling capabilities independent of its other 12v systems.
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    Switch bunk ends?

    In my buddys trailer I added a small handle under the mattress on the bunk ends. He pulls the bunks in 3/4 of the way from inside.
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    two six volt batteries hookup question

    You have two cases with 6 cells each. All twelve cells in series is what is known as a "battery" More importantly, the way you describe your troubleshooting methods scares the bejesus out of me. Please invest in an electrical meter and a couple of YouTube series on low voltage electrical...
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    two six volt batteries hookup question

    "Battery" noun, plural batteries. 1. Electricity.Also called galvanic battery, voltaic battery. a combination of two or morecell electrically connected to worktogether to produce electric energy.cell1(def 7a). 2. any large group or series of related things: a battery of questions.
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    Pup obsevations while on the road

    Actually, tandem tows are generally more stable than long tows. Backing up is fun though lol
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    Pup obsevations while on the road

    Depends on the state. Many require special licensing and TV/Trailer requirements can be strict. Some don't allow it at all.
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    Pup obsevations while on the road

    You don't see many recreational tandem tows on the road anymore...that's a unicorn.
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    bal-leveler ???

    I've used both as well and disagree. And this is where the thread usually falls apart, LOL
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    1994 Sunlite eclipse 1600

    Not what you're thinking of. The SL Eclipse was a hardside trailer with a pop-up top.