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    Even seasoned campers Sput from time to time

    Ya know. 20+ years and 3 Pup ups later ya think ya'd learn a few things. The Sunday after Memorial Day I opened up the TAJ to give her a good scrubbing. Wanted to clean the bathroom and fridge as we were boondocking with 4 of us. Well. Tonight i am out getting something out of the truck, which...
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    Ross Prairie Florida?

    Campground seemed mostly booked at Santos. as where Ross Prairie was mostly empty, at least according to Reserve America Just want to be away from people as i work retail in the north east. lol
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    Ross Prairie Florida?

    Hi we are planning a trip for March. I wan't to camp in Florida on the cross Florida Greenway so we can do a bunch of MTBing. The santos campground looks crowded, does anyone have any experience with Ross Prairie? Looks empty, and on the trails. Thanks for you help. Ed
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    FJ Cruiser ?

    Hi i have a friend looking for a pup and an TV. He really likes the FJ cruiser. And wants a midsize pup or hybrid. Do any of you have any experience with the FJ as a TV? It is rated at 5K but it is only a v6. My experiences with the Toyota V6 is only in our old 91 Pick up. That was a bit under...
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    07 Fleetwood Rio

    The Fleetwood brand was a great brand. Metal frame Sunbrella fabric, basically over built. But nothing is with out issue. Check out the check list posted above, use it as it has some good info. If its clean with no leaks or stains and has all the things you want in a pup i'd say its a fair...
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    inverters..what do you use?

    as per the coffee. Use this. Coffee is almost instant, tastes better than at home. only have to boil water and poor over grounds. Mmm...
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    Dometic RM2193 propane issues

    I had the same problem with mine. It is in a 2007 fleetwood. What i did was blow out the burner with compressed air. It seems a bit of debris had gotten into the jets over time and need to be blow out. This fixed our issue. Hope it helps. Let us know how you make out.
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    camping on the bay.

    Elk neck is nice. North East Md, just a few miles away, has a great... GREAT... crab shack. Paper on the tables and everything. Elk Neck is a nice park with lots of trails and some great views.
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    Plug and Play Solar Systems?

    We bought this, expensive... yes, but the charge controler is waterproof, the unit is us made and its plug and play. Alligator clips on the battery, kickstand on the panels, and off you go. They even sell a plug you can mount to your battery box and just plug it in. We just did this easy set up...
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    2007 Fleetwood Avalon-Pre-Purchase Questions

    We have the arcadia, Same trailer just a bit smaller. There is no electric lift on ours, and it is quite easy to raise the roof with the manual crank. 52 cranks and up!! less then a minute. For me, even if we had an electric lift we would not use it as it takes so much power to do so and we dry...
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    McCoys Ferry MD

    Sort of. In Hancock, on the canal there is a shop that rents. About 1/2 hour drive. Also Hancock was the closest place we found to get firewood
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    Ricketts Glen pet friendly?

    sorry. just realized i already posted this. [:D]
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    Ricketts Glen pet friendly?

    We are looking to head to Ricketts Glen. Looking for site recommendations. We have a Fleetwood Arcadia (16 foot box) and a dog... won't go anywhere without him. Any recommendations on sites. Don't need hookups but want some space. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
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    i love my popup because.....

    I love my pup because, science has proven that there are certain microbes in soil that raise serotonin levels in people. These microbes also float on the air in wooded areas. Hence we actually have a scientific reason why love our pups. Because they are actually raising our levels of stress...
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    So, what did you do for your camper, March 2016

    Dewinterized, cleaned, all systems check and fix, took her out for 2 nights, added a battery bank, and just ordered a 1.5 inch form mattress cover and a Zamp Solar plug. We are set!! bring on the spring!!
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    Mccoys Ferry

    Well, we just got back from Mccoys Ferry. Nice place. Nestled in the foothills of western Maryland. This river side camp is just $10 a night and perfect for Pups. There is a 50 foot long, 13 foot high, one lane arched tunnel to access the camp. About 12 , no hookup sites all quite level and...
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    McCoys Ferry MD

    Well, we just got back from Mccoys Ferry. Nice place. There is a 50 foot long 13 foot high, one lane arched tunnel to access the camp. About 12 sites all quite level and spacious. Pit toilets, and trains (about 3 a day) would be the negatives. Neither are an issue for me. The sites are...
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    All Systems Go!! Sorta

    Our pup is a Highwall. And the fridge does have a reignitor. The problem is gone. What it was was corrosion on the reignitor. When i started it with the lighter, it "cleaned" the ignitor, now she works fine. Thanks for the help. Off in 2 days for our first trip of 2016. Whoot Whoot!!!
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    All Systems Go!! Sorta

    I guess i don't have an issue with lighting it with a lighter. But does it shut off when it gets cold enough? Is the flame alway on, or does it come on and off? Feeling a bit lost at this point. I don't want to have to go out and light the thing when it shuts off. But if it stays on then sweet.
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    All Systems Go!! Sorta

    Got my 07 Fleetwood Arcadia out of mothballs from the winter, Everything seemed to weather the winter fine... Sort of. The dometic 3 way fridge works on everything but will not light. I have to use a lighter. Can anyone shed "light" on this subject. Thanks. Ed