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    My old Palomino 4124 is for sale

    LOL! I saw that too and there's a bunch of other weird typos. The guy was always very literate in the emails he sent me, so I suspect that is courtesy of a smartphone autocorrect issue.
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    What to do in the event of tire failure on the highway?

    I have the same Slime compressor as Dusty which has worked fine on the TV and camper tires. I also bought this at WallyWorld: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Torin-Jacks-Extendable-Lug-Wrench/14560053 Best of all worlds - fits my TV and camper lug nuts and extends for extra leverage. Had to use it...
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    My old Palomino 4124 is for sale

    Hey guys, I was wandering through CL and lo and behold, I see my old Palomino 4124 for sale! I can't afford to buy it back, but thought I'd pass it along if anyone is in the market. The guy I sold it to was very nice, so when he says lightly used - that is probably right on...
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    5th Annual New England Spring Rally - Burlingame SP, RI

    Hopefully this is not the same weekend as that church retreat... [:D]
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    4th Annual Springfield RV and Camping Show "Rally"- New England 2012

    Turns out I am not going to be able to make it. Have fun :) Pixel - hope your hubby feels better soon.
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    4th Annual Springfield RV and Camping Show "Rally"- New England 2012

    This is for Saturday, right? I hope to be there again with my friend and we'll drag our SO's lol. Amazing, we actually had snow this weekend!
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    The Music Game

    Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - Elton John
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    The Music Game

    Coal Miner's Daughter - Loretta Lynn
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    How bad does towing a pup effect your MPG???

    I turn my OD off for towing. Tranny doesn't seem to work as hard, but I still get 1-3 miles less. It gets great mileage at 50, though [LOL]
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    Do any of you ever tent camp again after buying a PUP?

    Just tented in New Brunswick Canada! Yep, pup is still more comfortable, but the tent did fine and it didn't rain :)
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    New Brunswick Canada

    I should say that the pup did not go on this trip, but the tent did :) Pup mattresses with egg crate foam are still way more comfortable than a cot with a Thermarest on it [:O] It was a road trip with my friend to visit her family. Very foggy on the Bay of Fundy and it got downright cold at...
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    made my own new canvas!

    Yeah, I actually found 7/8" velcro and put that on the tabs. Need to find fabric the right size and it looks like I'd have to make it instead. Then even though it says not to use on fabric, thought I'd just use gorilla glue for the other velcro part.
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    Friends told me this place is awesome!

    Thanks! I am excited to check it out. Yes, I need to check out the VT rallies too :)
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    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    Mine came with Yogi on the front door, so it's Yogi's Crib.
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    will it tow it??

    I have a short wheelbase Liberty that will tow 5000#, but I am only pulling 1000 with it and the trailer does not have brakes. I have the factory tow package which includes the tranny cooler and maybe engine. I can only tow max 60 before there is sway. I have experimented with loading and...
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    made my own new canvas!

    X2. I am thinking of paying the tailors to do it, because I don't have the set up for it. Nice job on that canvas!
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    Kind of a private campground

    I went camping at a friend's house this past weekend - they have a lot of room and no quiet hours :) We are all old friends who try to get together a few times a year. We had many laughs, good food, but no fire, because it poured rain later in the evening. We all managed to squeeze in the...
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    Coleman Columbia Watertank

    Did you check the manual on this site? I wish I could tell you, but mine came stripped of the sink, stove, tank. The hoses are there. The sink probably has a manual pump in it.
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    A New Camping Experience - Oh My !!!

    Sounds like it worked out fine! Have fun :)
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    What did you do to/for your camper today - June 2011

    Picked up very inexpensive pillows and microfiber sheets and some convoluted egg crate foam. I'll be camping comfy tomorrow night :) A solar shower and some lynx levelers.