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    More questions ! Plugging things in the pop up !

    They are called power strips. More importantly there is a wonderful show outside each night. They are called stars. A campfire needs no electricity but cooks wonderful meals and is a great show in itself. There are things called books that do not need to be plugged in. Please consider...
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    Power Converter Trips GFI

    On mine, I found that whoever wired up the converter hooked the neutral and ground wires to the wrong strip. Once I moved them the the correct strip in the converter, the problem was fixed. Probably not a common occurrence, but wanted to through that out there.
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    Do you drink the water from your PUP tank?

    Usually don't use the pup water for drinking. We will use it for cooking, washing, etc. Usually take a case of bottled water to use for coffee.
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    Motorized trailer dollies?

    Here is the link, but not sure if it available. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/600-lb-12v-motorized-trailer-jack?a=1182628
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    Motorized trailer dollies?

    I bought one for about $250 a few years ago. Best money spent. I use it to maneuver my Niagara around our drive way. It is much much easier than using the TV. I can drive the Pup right up to the hitch when I want to hook up. My parking area is pretty flat asphalt. I mounted it so it is...
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    Removing microwave

    Yes, we removed ours and use the space for storage now.
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    2005 fleetwood niagara....used new buy day one..problems

    I'll see if I can get a photo. The pup is closed up at the moment. I did nothing fancy. Remove the 4 screws at the corners and it comes right out. My wife took it to her work. It gets more use there. We put some plastic drawer units in the space where the microwave was. They hold things...
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    2005 fleetwood niagara....used new buy day one..problems

    I did the fridge mod and it helped. Best cooling is using propane. AC is OK but slower for the initial cool down. The fridge has 5 coldness settings. Once it gets cold we use the 3rd setting. Keeps food cold and still makes ice. We have had occasion where it gets too cold. Radio wiring...
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    Roche A Cri State Park - Adams-Friendship Wisconsin

    Camped at Roche-a-Cri this past week. We arrived on Wed. For most of the day we had the whole park to ourselves. 1 other site was occupied in the evening. Probably got about 75% full by Friday night. Very shaded sites. The temp was in the 70's but much cooler in the shade. Good for having...
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    Tension shelf mod

    The cups on the ceiling are a must. We found out the hard way when the top of the rods slipped and the whole thing collapsed. I epoxied plastic furniture coasters to the ceiling and no problems ever since.
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    Does anyone use their PUP fridge?

    We use ours every trip.
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    Do you cook inside your camper? Why not, if no?

    Primarily cook out side. We usually set the kitchen up under the awning. On occasion we will use an inside burner for making coffee. Haven't used the oven yet, but maybe someday. Took out the microwave to give us more storage.
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    Need help remembering name of WI Campground

    A while back I thought I saw posts about a WI campground that had a boat / fishing dock at most of the sites. Anyone recall which one that is? Thanks, Roger
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    VIDEO: Sharpen Kitchen Knives Fast!

    You can do something similar with a 1" belt sander. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptspof6CXOg Less $ and can be used for other projects.
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    Camp Stoves

    Love our white gas stoves. 1 was a gift, paid $1 for the other one. Use them every trip.
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    Trailer Valet

    I have something similar to the Trailer Valet. My asphalt parking area makes moving the Pup with the TV very difficult due to the combined length. I made a mod so it is removable. Remove 2 hand bolts and pop out the hinge pin to remove. I only use it at home. On departure day, I get the...
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    Fleetwod Highlander

    We have a 2005 Niagara and love it. As others have said make sure your TV is up for it. A full sizes truck, Suburban, Explorer, etc will do the job. Love the space and the full height counter tops. Memory foam on the beds makes for a good night's sleep.
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    Leveling camper with slide out

    Never realy thought about it. Guess we usually pulll out the slide out before the stabalizers. So far this has not cause the Pup to tip over, being swallowed up in a sink hole, or the end of civilization. Thinking too much about it woul keep us from the beer at the end of the setup rainbow.