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    Dry Campgrounds

    NC is dry also. It's only enforced if someone gets out of hand. They don't check coolers or fridges.
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    Questions before going grey

    The fridge is 2-way as others have stated, but it uses 12v for the control board and igniter when on propane. So don't run your battery too far down, or your fridge won't work.
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    Replacing Converter and adding an inverter...

    I haven't bought the cord for my relatively new bipap. When I'm camping off the grid I bring my old cpap machine with a cigarette lighter cord. I bought an adapter at harbor freight that has clips to attach to the battery posts and a lighter jack on the other end. I just clip onto my battery and...
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    Possible leak source from corner cap/center seam on Coleman Sedona. Thoughts?

    Your Sedona has an aluminum roof. That's why you have a center seam.
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    Pop Up vs Hybrid

    I went from a Coleman Sedona (10' box I think) to a Jayco X18D. My reason for the change is the three queen beds. With the pup I had to drop the table every night and put it up every morning. My two teen boys wouldn't share the full size bunk. My wife loves the bigger fridge, bathroom, oven...
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    Powhatan in NC

    I don't know your ages but with my teen boys we always go to the Asheville Fun Depot. Indoor and outdoor go carts, laser tag, indoor mini golf, skee ball and other arcade games, etc.
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    Honda Pilot vs. Toyota Highlander or 4Runner or ?

    We have a '05 Pilot and an '07 4Runner. The 4Runner is a V6 4wd. It's my TV. Not towing it averages about 17mpg. Towing the Pup (2500ish pounds) didn't affect MPG much. Towing my hybrid now drops it to around 10mpg. The Pilot has plenty of room. The third row seats fold down flat. The...
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    The sites are numbered. But for the rally we have the whole place to ourselves. Also earlier in the thread RotnMom posted a link to a video from a drone. That video was during Merlefest I believe.
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    It is a [email protected] http://littleguytrailers.com/tg/tagmax/
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    And that picture shows less than half of the campers.
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    Food all day long, a bouncy house for the little ones. I don't know how many dutch ovens are going! And a smoker with pork shoulders and ribs.
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    What a turn out this year! Even PopupSteve finally made it!
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    I'm heading out with the boys soon after they get home from school! Can't wait!
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    Battery or No Battery

    You don't need a battery for electric brakes. The brakes operate off of the controller in the TV. But if the camper comes off the hitch, the battery on the tongue is used to engage the brakes when the stopper is pulled out on the brakeaway.
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    Replacing propane lines

    As a former plumber, personally I would use copper with flare fittings. I would only use flexible tubing at the stove and tank.
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    And I wonder why my boys wouldn't miss the rally for anything! But I'll wait until next year to teach Ryan to drive! For all the newbies to the rally, two years ago I had my 14yo driving for the first time at the sewer. We didn't see much of him when he had the car keys! But I think driving...
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    Pam, I'll be coming on Friday. My friends haven't decided if they are coming or not [emoji35]
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    I don't know what my HTT length is open. It's 20' closed.
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    2015 - Fall C U @ the Sewer Rally

    To register, just post here how many adults, kids, and dogs. State whether you want electric or not. And your arrival and departure dates. This is not a regular campground. It's on the yadkin river. You can drive right to the river without leaving the campground. The sites don't have water...