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    Going to Anastasia SP - Florida

    We were there last July and loved it thermocells for flying bugs for us as well the only issue i had was kids using the path to the restrooms as a racetrack and as I use a Walker one of the kids knocked me down the rangers did not seem concerned. We will be there there there last i think it is...
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    Journey towards the dark side completed - Check!

    Great choice I worked at a keystone dealer for many years and cannot say enough about the customer service with your warranty and that was my job warranty claims. I also went with keystone although it was used the old couple that owned it only used it twice the couch still had plastic on it...
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    went to the dark side as well!!

    we switched last year and have camped so much more i to do not miss the pup at all
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    FL- St. Joseph Peninsula State Park- shhhhh!

    we have reservations for there this summer can't wait
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    Paynes Prarie State Park in Florida

    this is one of or favorite parks
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    Attn: Webshots Users!!!!!

    they do not even have to use the name of there person my friend has a page for her surf dog ricochet who had raise over five hundred thousand dollars for charity someone took the pictures wrote a book about a dog and used all her pictures she could not even sue she did request that they donate...
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    Silver River SP

    the bathrooms are great there if you need a handicap restroom like i do ask if it is locked after you set up the first time we went it was and I didn't know until it was to late the park has a museum that is fun and not to expensive the pioneer village used to be open on weekends but was not...
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    Silver River SP

    the monkeys are on the river and not in the park and they have removed quite a few this year
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    Silver River SP

    what did you need to know we camp there a lot
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    How is the comfort of sleeping in the TT vs. the pup?

    our tt has a actual bedroom with a queen walk around bed I sleep much better in the tt than I did in the pup most of it from not hearing as much noise which is a huge plus I also ordered a upgraded orthopedic mattress that I would not have been able to add in the pup but again it's comparing...
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    My experience since joining td dark side

    we went to the dark side for the same reason and or camping time has increased we do miss the gas millage but the ease of at up has it's making more two day trips
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    Check out time etiquette.

    I am in agreement with jungle Jim it was not the place of your friend to start moving things into that site and should count themselves lucky that it did not blow up into a bad situation that is the job of a ranger or camp host who had authority I also agree that the constant reminders and...
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    Attn campers near Miami Florida....have you camped here??

    it is closer to homestead than Miami I would also check out Morgans on the little Miami river they have cabins I believe and we loved it there are several county owned campgrounds but they do not have cabins
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    Attn campers near Miami Florida....have you camped here??

    it used to be a Koa and isn't to bad but the neighborhood you go through to get there is not the best lots of full time people I would like it much better if it was in a better neighborhood
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    Growing Pains

    you will so enjoy it we had to go dark due to health issues and now we camp more due to shorter set up I can feel for your Everglades comment watching things change in the keys was a sad thing my grandchildren will not enjoy a lot of things I did
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    How long is your set-up time?

    we now have a TT and we have never taken over 15 minutes and that was when we were unaccustomed to the setup most of the time now it is around 5 to 7 minutes depending on how level the site is and that includes the slides
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    is anyone on ssdi?

    this summer I was finally approved I got a attorney because after a year and a half I was tired of the whole thing the attorney can only get paid if you win and they are limited in what they can get paid I recovered back pay for the entire year and a half as they go back to the day you applied
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    Awning repair

    camping world and Walmart both sell awning repair tape we used it on a small tear and it lasted two years we no longer have the camper so I don't know beyond that
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    Champion 2000W Generators - Specific Questions

    we have the same generator and a1000 watt microwave in our tt and have no problem running it on the generator
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    florida beach cg

    The park near the seven mile bridge is sunshine key they are part of the encore chain