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    Confirming popup information!

    Yep that sounds like what I have, I’ve been trying to find some parts and stuff for it before I fab them but things don’t seem to be lining up and the title says differently but it all matches up. I’m moving it to my shop tomorrow to get ready to hit it and renovate it, I wanted to replace the...
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    Confirming popup information!

    Camper- 1990 StarCraft Meteorite Tow Vehicle- 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport So I purchased this Meteorite about a year ago, in hopes of renovating it (kind of) and getting it out in the wilds a bit, but I knew it would take some time to get around to doing it. Life is giving me some leeway so I'm...
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    New to PUP and Pop-ups!

    Hello, I go by Anubisuna, and I just joined a few minutes ago while trying to learn some more information about my pop-up. I have a 1990 Starcraft Meteor and My Tow Rig is a 1999 Jeep TJ Wrangler Sport. I'm Married with 1 child, and Neither of them have ever been camping. I used to camp...