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    Any ladies camp alone or with just kids?

    You should be very proud of yourself. Your son will have many great memories to pass along to his family too.
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    Coleman/fleetwood rail caps

    I FINALLY got to install the wedgies this week-end! They are perfect and I didn't have an ounce of trouble getting them on. Thank you Thank you for this great product!!!
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    Teenager Problems

    Everyone has had some pretty sound advice so far...Consider also - your son may have wanted to take all the buddies on this little errand, and the other guys' cars wouldn't fit everyone. Nevertheless, you have every right to ask him to wait until the other car gets home. I rarely let my boys...
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    Fastway Flip Jack Foot ????

    Yeah but the wheels not goin' anywhere if you use a donut... Lynx blocks wouldn't be very stable... and don't you level using the jack handle to raise and lower anyway?
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    What are these metal bar thingys under the bench seat for!?!?

    Well dang...I wouldn't have brain damage now had I installed these bars on my bench seats! Wish I had some...
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    Hah! You beat me to it...mine is doing the same thing... I thought I was doomed to using velcro-on-a-roll to make things work. Once again, this site is the ONLY place to get tips tricks and answers FAST!! I never would have guessed to wait on lifting the bunk canvas... Thanks!
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    9-11 Remembrance....where were you? What were you doing? Who told you?

    I had just gotten up and was watching the AM news here in California. I saw the taped coverage of the first tower, then saw the second tower being hit. I didn't know whether I should go to work, if we were under attack all across the US or what... I opted to go in and along with 25 other...
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    and it's hot hot hot

    Well, here in So. Calif. we FINALLY got some summer weather. Over 100 inland and in the 90's along the beaches. I kept sayin' we'd be miserable in September...bet it lasts another month...
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    Camper Mooches??

    Here's how particular about lending I am...I was away for a 10 day training conference last week. My DH texted me saying the city wanted him to move the PUP off the driveway and back to storage. Being that I was halfway across the country I had no option but to let DH do the hitch-up, tow, park...
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    How I spruced up our PUP

    What a great job! It looks clean and fresh and brand-new!
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    Settle a lighting dispute between me and DH

    Yep - even though I have lights that run on 12V or 120, I prefer LED lantern and use them 99 percent of the time.
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    CAUTION: Use glow sticks carefully!

    Good advice for sure! We saw a family in the distance last week at the CG and the kids had "dressed" in glow necklaces and bracelets and were doing a little dance in the dark. All we could see was their glowing parts and it was hilarious! They looked like dancing skeletons!!
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    First camping trip with our dog

    We had some really obnoxious jack Russell terriers in the CG where we camped last week, Really far from our site but sooooo noisy. They were very badly behaved, fought with each other constantly and yapped all night. After the second day we almost reported them after we discovered where they...
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    Did You Camp With Your Parents As A Kid ??

    I started camping at the tender age of 4. My folks always had some kind of trailer, and I remember wondering what it would be like camping in a tent. We camped all over the US - Rockies, Tetons, Yellowstone- Canada, and Mexico - all summer - every summer because they were educators. We left the...
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    my dog likes camping too

    My two dogs LOVE to go camping in the PUP. They run from one gate to the other in the backyard then dance around waiting to get loaded in the car and they know EXACTLY where our PUP is in the campground when we arrive and have been there a couple hours. They especially like when my 3 year old...
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    Anyone have problems camping with extended family?

    I just returned from 10 glorious days of camping in Tahoe with family. It got down to 35 degrees at night and the 3 year-old and her mom - my neice - ended up in the PUP along with a short-haired dog that was very well-behaved. The nephew preferred the tent (although he borrowed the catalytic...
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    Ladies... pj's or nightgown

    In the cold - yoga pants so I dont get tangled in the sheets with flannels and sweats, and thermals on top...in the warm - cotton crop bottoms and a sports bra. Gotta keep the girls happy - then I throw on a t-shirt if I have to go out...
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    how cold is to cold?

    Well to me - as long as you have the furnace - its' not the night that is a problem... it's the daytime when its freezing out and you want to get out and explore. Unless you like to sit in the heated PUP and read or *something...
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    Party lights... Really!??

    I love my little string lites. They are multi-colored small globes that come on at dusk. They hang on my awning and are solar powered and just bright enough to be romantic. I also have a solar rope lite for the front of the PUP as a locator at nite, and little hummingbird solar path markers that...
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    "Must Haves" for the first time PUP owner

    Re: \ HAA HAAAA the quote was supposed to be about a step stool, not beer!!! [LOL] [LOL] [LOL]