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  1. Briorick

    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    Like many here, we too started out tenting with the folks as kids then upgraded to a PopUp later in our adult life. Had a lot of fun tenting with the folks and friends. Long story short, after purchasing used our 1994 Starcraft Starflyte, we thought we wanted something different and easier to...
  2. Briorick

    What would your perfect Pop Up be?

    Standard counter height in a HW is definitely one of the best perks of them all. Just like being at home........and great for us taller people.
  3. Briorick

    What would your perfect Pop Up be?

    Totally agreed! The HW interior, especially the ceiling height, is definitely designed for Taller People. It's the Pop Up on Steroids, as I call it. LOL. I am 6'2 and when standing inside, my headroom is never a problem. Being inside is like being in a small Studio Apt. Love it!
  4. Briorick

    What would your perfect Pop Up be?

    I love my Flagstaff HW29SC. The couple changes I would make to IT would be to have an Outdoor Fridge like the 2716F has for convenience when packing and readying for a trip. I know the Sister Rockwood HW27KS has the fridge just inside the door. NICE, but no Sofa. The Sofa would be split...
  5. Briorick

    Poll:What did you pay for your NTY PopUp?

    Our 2019 HW29SC wasn't the deal of the century @ 17K when we bought it 2 years ago, but it is what we have been waiting for. These are few and far between it seems. We love the Popups after having 2 older ones over the years, prior to upsizing to a TT. TT's are nice but they are just NOT a Pop...
  6. Briorick

    So how long CAN you leave a 7-way connector plugged into your TV?

    Just wanted to say..... Nice setup! Congrats, and Enjoy!
  7. Briorick

    New to PUP and Pop-ups!

    Welcome from Southern Illinois. Camping and photography. What better place, and way, to experience and capture the great outdoors in its rawest form. So much beauty to capture at the push of a button. Enjoy your adventures and once again...........Welcome!
  8. Briorick

    Maiden Camping Trip today.. What should I expect?

    This MOST important of all, on top of what others have stated. First trip out can be a fun and entertaining learning experience. Take lots of notes of what you truly need for future outings, minus what you now can take away. We all have a tendency to overpack on our first outings. It's amazing...
  9. Briorick

    Bunkend support poles

    Thanks, it's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. No, the "V" poles are the originals that came with the Popup. I just made another free-standing set to support the weight from the ground up. Both together work well. Although, I am trying to figure out a way to make a set that...
  10. Briorick

    Leaving Saturday for a week of Thanksgiving Camping

    That was pretty ingenious, although that tune is stuck in my head now. LOL Have a great trip! Enjoy!
  11. Briorick

    Bunkend support poles

    Looks like many of us have figured out how to get creative. Here is an update to the poles I have made for my bunk end. I used an old Metal Frame my pool I had taken down this past summer and utilized the poles. Cutting and joining them to 59" height, and then painting them gloss black to...
  12. Briorick

    Questions I cannot answer, but maybe someone can

    The black wire looks to be a coaxial cable? If so, follow and see where it leads to. #3 picture is a collapsing bracket for hanging possibly lite weight items, hand towels, etc. ( see attached picture )
  13. Briorick

    Last trip for the year

    Sadly, we all are most likely feeling the economic pressures. But, with that said, we still continue to get out and enjoy ourselves. Camping is still a way ( my way ) to de-stress, and even with the costs involved, still manage to have a great time. Enjoy your last outing. Make those memories...
  14. Briorick

    Newbie Camping Question

    All my years of camping, and in different campgrounds, I have never encountered what you describe of loud full size rvs with their generators. Not sure where you're choice of camping is, but it sounds more like boondocking off the grid. If this is the case, then you have to expect others using...
  15. Briorick

    Television at campsite?

    We have a small 32" that travels in its original box. There are times that we have taken it out and watched whatever channels we could get OTA, usually on those rainy evenings when we can't have a fire. Mostly it just takes up floor space. We are more Stereo folks who enjoy a little night time...
  16. Briorick

    Bunk support keeper/catch/thing?

    WOW, its been a long time since I seen this type of setup. I remember the tabs you are asking about but don't recall now what they are called. I had a 1994 Starcraft Starflyte years ago with these on them. There were I believe 4, 2 per each side to wrap the openings of the tent cord onto to hold...
  17. Briorick

    Bunk support keeper/catch/thing?

    Correct, those metal brackets pictured ARE the brackets that hold the poles in place. Not sure where you could obtain more, but I'm sure they are out there. Maybe find a older camper being parted out. Not sure what a dinglehopper is , so I can't answer that. LOL
  18. Briorick

    Trying to winterize. Pump not priming

    Perfect!! Glad it was an easy solution. I personally like the way they have the Bypass set up attached to the water tank. Makes winterizing so much easier.
  19. Briorick

    Trying to winterize. Pump not priming

    I am thinking that your garden hose is too large in diameter, even though you have it clamped, and is possibly sucking in air. The reason I say this is because my hose for winterizing is no where near the same diameter size as a garden hose. I have the same antifreeze inlet setup as you and have...
  20. Briorick

    Moving picnic table

    Same here........I don't ever recall a time when we didn't move it to a spot we liked better. Seems the previous camper and I like different table areas. LOL. But never in the way for the next camper. Have to remember the golden rule, even in camping......do unto others...