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    Where would you spend your money?!?

    I’d go with the newer unit. Make sure they demonstrate EVERYTHING, including popping up and down. Check every nook and cranny for any soft spots, including under sofas, cabinets, and under the rig.
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    Help with flushing a water system

    Quick & Dirty response - Find the tank drain ****, drain any water and close it. Put a 1/4 cup of plain unscented chlorine bleach in the freshwater fill opening. Fill the tank with water Pump water through all faucets until you smell the bleach Let it sit for 30-60 minutes Open the drain and...
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    We had them make new bunk ends for our old Palomino...they do great work!
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    Hi, I hope you don't mind me chiming in with my [2C]. The roof itself would probably support it, but I would be very wary of your life arms/springs taking the weight. Also the fact your camper is a soft side, the overall issue of that much more weight on the roof in windy conditions. I...
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    It has been about three years ago when I bought them directly from Palomino. Their number is (269) 432-9791...Brian was the manager at the time. Todd
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    Hi, As a former owner and rebuilder of a Palomino TXL, I have a couple thoughts: If you are thinking about putting a 3-4' front porch on the frame, it will move your center of gravity substantially. By making the distance from the ball to the trailer axle that much more, your tongue weight...
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    2013 3rd Annual NC Spring Rally

    Hi All, We were hoping to make it down for that weekend, but as it turns out, I am stuck at work that Saturday for a lovely 14-hour day. Have a great time! Todd
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    Popup Gizmo - Alternative?

    I am not sure how well one could attach it to the inside of the tent material, and I am not sure you might not get condensation from the space between the vinyl and reflectix. I had good luck with reflectix in the windows and home-made solar blankets outside. They were made from the...
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    Palomino MXL Hardside popup HELP!!

    Hi, Nice Camper!! In regards to your original question, the springs should have just a little tension on them when the camper is popped up. This gives you maximum lift potential when they are stretched out. Over time (3-4 years), your new springs will loose power since they are stored under...
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    How to lower A 1989 palomino txl fold-n-wall camper

    Hi, Don't know if you are still interested... The camper should have four spring-loaded arms on the 'outside' of the camper. To fold it up, you collapse the bunk ends down as smoothly as you can. Next, fold over the sink and make sure everything is clear for the bunkends to slide in and the...
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    Mount AC on tongue of trailer?

    Thats cool, but the largest model is 7000btu; not enough to do a whole lot, and is $550.00! It is a cool concept if they could get closer to 12,000btu. Todd
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    Mount AC on tongue of trailer?

    Over the last 40+ years of camping (starting when I was a wee lad), my father installed 3-4 window units in the front of travel trailers. When we got our Palomino PUP, it had a rooftop AC - it was totally wrong for the both the roof and the lift system. I installed an 8000btu window unit on...
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    Hi there...new here and have an SOS on my winch on my 1980 Starcraft

    Might it look like the winch in this posting - http://www.popupportal.com/index.php?topic=37202.0 Todd
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    How in the world do I back this thing up!

    Good info - the big ones are keep it slow, gentle course corrections, and having your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. Beyond that, practice and experience are your friends! I've been doing this for 30+ years...whipped our 24' TT right in the site last night on the first try. I also...
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    MA man gored by bison in Yellowstone

    Up Close and Personal wildlife encounters!! I was in Africa a few years ago and my host took us to a game park. We came up on a sleeping rhino about 30' away. The DH of the family was driving and started yelling at the beast to get him to stand up; his DW was beating him over the head to stop...
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    Pop Up Gizmos

    Do you have a Cabelas, REI, Bass Pro shop nearby, or on the way? They all sell a Space All-Weather Blanket. These are not the cheesy foldup emergency blankets. They are well, made, have grommet holes for attaching, and do a lot to bounce off the heat. Here is a link on REI...
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    Ever had unexpected guests?

    [:D] Thats a great plan! I try to 'get away'; my DW tends to invite friends and family along so we don't get bored???? OP - If you have folks inviting themselves along, DO NOT go out and buy beer and chips for them; they need to bring their own. If you want to be really mean, tell them you...
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    Electric Brake Problem

    Hi, You should check the voltage with the manual brake control switch on your controller...full on should ramp up to 12V +/- a bit. If your running lights and turn signals work on the trailer, your ground is most likely fine. Are you hearing a 'clunk' at the trailer tires when you activate...
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    My hitch is too low. Any ideas?

    Hi, My 2-cents... I would go back to the ball hitch and dump the WDH; neither your car or camper is structurally designed to use it. All it really will do is add weight to the rear of your car. If you get the spring bar tight enough to throw weight on the front axle, you are putting stress...
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    Anyone tested these LED lights yet?

    I've bought a couple rounds of these and had no issues! http://www.ebay.com/itm/320846428929?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_2933wt_959 Todd