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    Pugs--nice to have or necessary?

    Depending on the weather where / when you camp. Can be either. In very hot or very cold, I'd say necessity.
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    From Scratch AC Install - Palomino 4102 - Picture Heavy

    Have not used beyond testing. Will next weekend.
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    12v/USB outlets

    Here is step by step what I did. http://www.popupportal.com/index.php?topic=90549.msg900463#msg900463
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    Eagle Feather

    I might be tempted to play dumb, and bring it to the Rangers "I found this can you tell me what it is and if I can keep it"
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    From Scratch AC Install - Palomino 4102 - Picture Heavy

    I think it depends pup to pup. My roof rated to 200+ lbs as is. And the 120 lb ac unit is just fine. That square you can see in the drawings is there specifically to hold the ac.
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    New and a probably simple question regarding awning logistics

    If really heavy wind is expected take down the awning. If it's just going to rain, leave it up.
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    Which brake controller?

    Checkout the options on etrailer.com. Great installation videos too. Any decent proportional controller should be fine.
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    From scratch AC install

    I couldn't decide if I should put it here or in the heating / cooling section. Here is my description of the process to install AC in my Popup. http://www.popupportal.com/index.php?topic=103288.0 Does include one major blunder. See my response.
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    From Scratch AC Install - Palomino 4102 - Picture Heavy

    Before others comment, yes I confused in-lb with ft-lbs, which probably explains the deformation and the bolt hitting the roof. I'm going to try to see if I can back that off some still tonight and see if I have done in the gasket. But I hoping with only 25 hours it may bounce back. Damn...
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    From Scratch AC Install - Palomino 4102 - Picture Heavy

    I'll watch that. I think it probably was about a 10" radius as it closed up, wasn't super tight.
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    From Scratch AC Install - Palomino 4102 - Picture Heavy

    I just completed AC installation from scratch into my 2013 Palomino 4102. This is the story with Lots of Pictures. When we bought the camper, we lived in Illinois. We mad the conscious decision to save the money on AC and for the few weeks a year it would be too hot, we would just deal with...
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    one pan (or dutch oven) breakfast! *cowboy breakfast*

    We do sausage, slice the brown in the do, then remove. (Can also do onions and peppers at this time. Remove) Frozen hash brown. Brown them in do. Need some oil. Then add eggs, once eggs al,oust don throw the sausage and whatever else back in.
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    Side dish for cheese brats?

    More brats?
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    Regretably named places

    I've camped at Dick Bong state park in Wisconsin.
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    Need Help! power 20 amp AC through 30 amp camper

    There is something wrong with your description. If the AC was rated 240v it would not have worked at 110 at all. a 14 gauge std 110 extension cord is only raised for 18 amps. So if ac was 20 amps 110 v, not surprising it failed.
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    Looking for something that can be towed by a 2007 Honda Odyssey minivan

    Ours is similar size and we bottom out ocassionally too. The fix for that is airbags in the rear shocks, but haven't gotten around to that yet.
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    Just ordered AC

    Everything arrived in 3 days!! Looks to be in good condition. Finally got roof drawing info from palomino. Now I just need the time and the guts to start cutting.
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    Hello from NC newby

    Welcome from holly springs NC
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    New vs Used PUP

    We couldn't get over the "sleeping in someone else's bed" factor of used. We ended up going new and hope to keep for a long long time.
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    Battery Question

    To the original question, as others have said, tape up the ends. You mAy also have a disconnect elsewhere too. I actually don't have a battery, I do have electric brakes, and yes if the trailer drops it will only have brakes as long as it stays plugged in. I'll get around to adding a battery...