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    Just put a down payment on a Grand Design Imagine 2800BH

    Congratulations! Someday we'll upgrade a bit from our HTT but not quite that big. Can you walk through the trailer with the slide in?
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    Just put a down payment on a Grand Design Imagine 2800BH

    Good summary of needed items!
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    Some Good News (for a change)!

    We'll have a reservation at Big Foot SP for Labor Day weekend this year. I hope that we get in with no trouble. Probably go early.
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    Dishes/organization with kids

    When I was a girl scout we had big mesh bags that could be dipped in a huge pan of hot water to rinse and sanitize the dishes, etc, that were in it.
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    Question about the dump station

    How long does it take to empty your black tank?
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    Has your state tentatively posted when parks will open back up?

    Lucky You! Hoping that IL will open by June. We're going to be missing our Spring Rally
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    Poll, What should ny next camper project be?

    Join the Hybrid Travel trailer group on Facebook! Lots of great advice and kind people. Learn about the black tank system on You tube videos
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    Saying good bye to my Pop Up life

    Looks so sweet!! We sold our last PUP to a family that loved it. We purchased a NTU Hybrid travel trailer a few years ago. I have always loved the little fiberglass trailers. My good friend has an original Boler which is very similar to the Scamp
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    Clam shelter Aldi brand

    We found ours from Aldi for $59.99, on clearance. I'm a very happy camper! Used it twice. It's nice!
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    Gone to the grey side! Loving the difference that it's made.

    Gone to the grey side! Loving the difference that it's made.
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    Illinois 2019 Spring Rally

    We'll be there!!
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    Adding 12v outlets: DIY or pay someone?

    Was going through these posts looking for info on a 12 volt outlet for a hybrid TT for a CPap for husband. Womdering how the mods worked best.
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    What are we now????

    As I cleaned out our PUP a couple of days ago, I made a pile of give away too! We just bought a hybrid expandable Coyote KZ 20C. Looking forward to attending the 2017 IL Fall Rally at Moraine View SP in Le Roy, IL on October 6-8.
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    We did it.

    I think our new purchase allows us to say that we've gone to the "gray side". We now own a 2006 20 C Coyote KZ hybrid TT, with 2 expandable bunk ends. It's still at the dealer, as we're purchasing a tow vehicle soon that's big enough and equipped with necessary towing upgrades. We cleaned out...
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    Anyone else rocking a 2000 Palomino Colt?

    We have a '98 Palomino Mustang. I think they're similar, ours is just longer. Ours was in great shape as the PO had kept in the garage and babied it.
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    1st summer Illinois popup rally

    Are we an official rally yet for the fall?
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    Michigan Are we in for another 87?

    I was just down in southern central IL, yesterday. We drove home with rain for 3 hours and then no rain for the last 3. It was actually warmer up here in northern IL! We're camping in 2 weeks with the IL Spring Rally at Shabbona State Park! Hope it's drier and warmer!
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    New to me: 1979 Skamper 131C

    We had a '91 Skamper that we bought from a friend. It always had a slight mildew smell since our friend did a lot of rehab on it. It had been rather moldy after sitting outside for a few years. He had to replace the roof and did a great job. You can't beat the sturdiness of the solid plywood...
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    Loved camping for years! Female

    Loved camping for years! Female
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    5th Annual 2017 Illinois Spring Rally Potluck Thread

    Also bringing DO rhubarb crisp- gluten free