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    Must-Have Features for a first time pop-up.

    I have a simple PUP. I removed the icebox and store a camp potty in there I pull out at night. I installed a 12v car radiator fan with a speed control in the roof vent for cooling. Occasionally we use the sink to brush teeth or wash a few dishes, but am considering removing the sink and water...
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    Blackstone, bbq’s or campfire cooking?

    I prefer to minimize what I carry for weight and space. I use a small propane grill with a small Lodge griddle for everything. The few times I need a pot to cook, i use it on the grill. I grill my vegetables, so no need for a pan.
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    1500w inverter on TV - use/application ideas?

    I'll use an inverter to power/charge a laptop. That's about all I've found useful, but I do that a lot.
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    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    My electricity costs went up 47% last month. There are brownouts and rolling blackouts annually at current usage without electric vehicles. There will need to be tens of billions of infrastructure improvements for electric vehicles to take over. That money comes from somewhere, it isn't free.
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    A-frame Cover

    It's a silver tarp outside for me, particularly over winter so snow isn't melting directly on the roof finding every possible way in.
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    What food item has unexpectedly become a camping staple for you?

    Pancakes and bacon every day for breakfast. S'mores made with Rolos as the chocolate and a little sea salt. Now I see they have Dark Chocolate sea salt Rolos at Hershey Chocolate World. Must buy a box!
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    Covid campers, common sense and The Code

    I have spoken to a ranger checking sites after most have left. They DO call the people who left a mess and in a really severe instance, will ban them from the State Park Campground system.
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    Any amateur radio operators here?

    W3RSH Operating POTA, as well as VHF, Little Buffalo State Park, PA 2021 Just before breaking down for the trip home.
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    Just got a Hybrid and I have toilet/chemical questions??

    TP is all septic safe (at least most). Place a few pieces in a jar with some water, shake and check in ten minutes. Shake again. It won't harm your tank. Placing used TP in the trash is a bio hazard. Don't do it.
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    Wireless/battery tool systems for the camper?

    I play with my 3D printer a lot. There are plans for taps for the batteries. One could also just duct tape wires to the terminals in a pinch. I'm also a ham radio operator and always looking at things as emergency power supplies for 12v radio operation. They make voltage converters, both up...
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    Cell coverage booster ?

    I've never considered a cell booster. As a ham radio operator, I get called to provide emergency communications for events where cell coverage may not exist. The license is free (soon to be $35 for ten years), the test is not too difficult to study for, and handheld radios can be purchased for...
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    Ever had to ditch a trip for a reason other than weather?

    Last month, had to cancel a reservation for a one night tent trip due to needing to be with a family member in the hospital. Right now should be at the same park with the Pup, but got tied up Sunday at a picnic and had no time to do the prep work needed. Cancelled with no refund this time...
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    When reserving a site, what length do you use?

    My Pup measures 20 feet opened. I generally reserve the largest site I can get in the area i desire (pet friendly). Most of my camping is done in state parks. I also am a ham radio operator and like to go on the air while camping. I need as much space as possible as to not encroach on my...
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    Back To Basics?... Camping or Glamping?

    Pup newbie here, First year. All previous camping experience has been tent. Since my stroke that has gotten more difficult, so I purchased and rebuilt an old Pup. I've had it out once for a four night trip. No stove inside, propane is for outside grill only. No fridge, use coolers, outside...
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    Campground type ettiquittes

    I'm new to PUP and this site, I've been reading for some time, though. Glad I saw this thread. I made a reservation for a PA SP last month with my PUP and picked a 40 ft. site, the longest they had. I plan to set up a ham radio station for a few days and that will allow me to keep everything...